Sister Irene McCormack

  • Sister Irene McCormacks Birth

    Sister Irene McCormacks Birth
    Sister Irene McCormack was born in Kununoppin, Trayning, Western Australia, Australia. She was 1 of 6 children.
  • Sister Irene Joins the Sisters

    In 1956 at the age of 17, Irene joined the Sisters of Saint Joseph
  • Sister Irene's Novice

    Sister Irene's Novice
    In 1957 Irene received vows as a novice into the order of the Sisters of St Joseph.
  • Sister Irene's First Vows

    Sister Irene took her first vows in 1959.
  • Period: to

    Sister Irene's Teaching Career

    Between the years of 1960-1985. She taught at over 9 different schools.
  • Sister Irene's Final Vows

    In 1965 Sister Irene gives her final vows.
  • Sister Irene Graduates

    Sister Irene Graduates
    In 1969 Sister Irene graduated from the University of Western Australia.
  • Sister Irene Starts her Missionary Work

    Sister Irene Starts her Missionary Work
    On August 12th 1987, Sister Irene started her missionary work in a poor town in Lima, Peru.
  • Sister Irene Martyed

    After teaching a sewing and craft class to the women of the village and helping children, she was working in the garden when she heard a knock on the door. She was walked with other victims and was bullied, interrogated and shouted at. At 8 pm they were ordered to lie face down and there shot in the head. Irene was the first shot by a young 13-14 year old girl.
  • Sister Irene's Funeral

    Sister Irene's Funeral
    On the 23rd of May 1991, a vigil/funeral was held for Sister Irene in Peru.