Irene mccormack

The Life of Sr. Irene McCormack

  • Birth

    She was born in Kununoppin, Western Australia.
    She was the oldest of six children.
    Her mother was Mary O'Meara and Thomas McCormack
  • Period: to

    Life or Irene

  • Joined the Sisters of Saint Joseph

    She decided to join the Sisters of Saint Joseph at the age 17 after she finished school. She was considered as a novice in the order.
  • First Vows

    Irene recited her first vows at the Proffestion at North Sydney
  • Teacher

    Her firts time at being a teacher. Taught at South Perth years 5-8
  • Final Vows

    She rehearsed her Final Vows at North Sydney.
  • Graduated from University from Western McCormack

    Graduated from University from Western McCormack
    She graduated from University to become a teacher. She had already been a teacher for 9 years.
  • Principle

    Principle at Kearnan Principle. She had been a teahcer for 21 years.
  • First Arrives in Peru

    She decides to do missionary work in Peru after a restlessness of spirit.
  • Moved to Huasahuasi, Peru

    Moved to Huasahuasi, Peru
    She was moved to Huahuasi and then later become leader of the distribution of emergency goods.
  • Priests Flee Every Missionary in Huahuasi flee after people tell them that the Shining Path is coming.
  • She came back to Huasahuasi

    She comes back HuasaHuasi after the town had been without a missionary for a year.
  • 10 years in Peru

    Sister Irene was with the Josephite sisters celebrated 10 years in Peru
  • Death She heard a knocking at the door while she was in the garden. it was the Shining Path. At 6pm at the plaza she and 4 others were executed. It is reported that her killer was a young girl.
  • Funeral

    She was buried in Huasahuasi local cemetary, Cementario El Angel De La Paz Huasahuasi.