The Life of Angelina Serna

By aserna
  • Mom discovers she's pregnant

    My mom discovered that she was pregnant with me. I was definitely a surprise baby!
  • Mom fell on ice

    God kept me safe after a bad fall that my mom took while walking to the grocery store. She didn't see the ice and once she fell she couldn't get up. It took three men to lift her carefully back up to her feet.
  • My Birth

    I was born at 2:43 in the morning.
  • Found out that I'm double jointed

    My sister was changing me on my mom's water bed when I was a baby and when she turned away for a second I rolled off the bed. When she picked me up she noticed that my thumb was all smashed in and it looked broken. She started freaking out but then I just opened my hand again and it popped back out. I've been able to do that with both my thumbs since then, I can also bend them forward and backward far enough to touch both sides of my wrist. It's kind of gross.
  • Start to crawl.

    We moved around a lot the first eight month after I was born. My mom said that because of cramped living conditions and the spiratic lifestyle I wasn't able to just crawl around anywhere. When we moved into a house again at eight months I was crawling everywhere and learned to walk well by age one.
  • My dad leaves

    My dad was arrested and taken to prison for being a pedifile. I never saw him again. I was too young to actually remember him leaving but I do remember asking about where he had gone when I was older. This is the day that I consider as the start of my real life. In a way it seems that all the things that happened after this were the things that made me the person I am totay. My dad doesn't get any of the credit. In my mind he was never there to begin with.
  • Parents Divorce

    After my dad got out of jail my mom was finally able to file for divorce. She won full custody and my father was put on restraining order from us.
  • Broke My Arm

    My brother made me climb a tree and then wouldn't let me down unless I swung down from this branch. It wasn't that far off the ground but when he tried to catch me, he was only tall enough to grab me behind my knees. I let go and fell backward onto a tree root. I spent the next eight hours in an emercency waiting room before I was seen.
  • Started School

    I started school at home as a home schooler, but my mom was going back to school and working so she didn't have time to teach me. When we did start going to a Christian private school, I started in first grade even through I was eight about to turn nine.
  • Started to Play Piano

    For my ninth birthday my mom got me a year of piano lessons. My second oldest sister played piano and so I wanted to as well. I have a love for singing, but it turns out that I didn't love playing piano as much. Later on I told my mom I didn't want to waste any more of the already tight money if it wasn't something I truely enjoyed or tried hard at and so I quit taking lessons.
  • "Became a Woman"

    We were on vacation. My mom kinda laughed and said what a way to start a new year. I was mortified! I laugh about it now too.
  • Started Babysitting

    I started being a "mother's helper" for a friend and getting paid $1.50 an hour.I fell in love with those kids and still babysit them whenever I'm home. I grew to love kids because of that early learning experience with them.
  • Graduate College

    I hope to graduate a little early by doing summer courses but I will be graduating with a Bachuler's degree in nursing. From there I want to become a travel nurse and travel until I decide to settle down.
  • Get Married

    I want to have a career after I graduate but I would also like to get married between the ages of 25-28. Maybe I'll get married to someone that I can travel with for a couple more years before we settle in one place and decide to start a family.
  • Have Children

    I want to be married at least two years before my husband and I start having children because I want to know that we have a strong rooted relationship with each other before bringing children into the mix that will inevidably pull us apart at times. I also want to have my kids close together and not work until they are all school age. Then I will go back to a part-time job. I know having kids close together can be really rough on your body and tiring for the parents but I want them to be close.
  • Go Back to Work

    Once my kids have started school I will go back to work as a nurse part time. I would probably end up working at a small clinic so that I can work the hours my kids go to school.
  • Kids Go Away to College

    Kids leave me with an empty nest. I hope to start traveling with my husband again once the kids leave. I also want to have a hobby that I can stay active with. Maybe have some horses and do shows again.
  • Take Care of My Mom Full-Time

    I don't know what age my mom will be when I need to start taking care of her full-time but one thing I do know is that she will not be going to a nursing home ever. Even if she needs rahabilitation or something like that I can do it because I'll be a nurse. I can see myself as the child that will stick close to home and take care of her and my grandma over the years.
  • Menopause

    I have seen my mom going through this and I have to say I'm not looking forward to the mood swings. I think I'm going to hibernate for this year! I also realized that it sounds super weird to be typing in dates like 2042! I feel old already!
  • Go Traveling With My Husband

    After my kids are all grown up I want to start traveling again with my husband. Maybe go on a cruise to Venice again like we did for our honeymoon. Even if they're just short weekend trips I want to go to new places together. I would even like to get a couple motorcycles and take a roadtrip. I've heard that there are absolutely beautiful bikers trails down here in Tennessee so maybe we'll end up back down here.
  • Become a Grandma

    I can't wait to have kids much less grandkids! I have the closest relationship with my Grandma so I want to be close to my grandkids and try and have a close relationship with them as well. I would love to live close to my kids and their families so that we can have Sunday supper together and just have that close family time once a week. If I don't live close to them then I want to fly out and see them at least every other month. Seeing them at least every six months will be a must!