The Life and Times of Ms. Nottger

  • Welcome to the World!

    Welcome to the World!
    I was born on a Sunday at 7:42PM in September; my mom said it was one of the hottest days that month (I think she was implying I didn't choose a good time to appear).
  • "Charlie and Algernon"

    "Charlie and Algernon"
    My birthday twin is the play "Charlie and Algernon." It showed in New York City for 17 performances. This is a great book, play, movie; you can find it in eighth classes across the United States.
  • Period: to

    Past, Present, and Future (goals)

  • She Speaks!

    She Speaks!
    My first word spoken is "ball." Ironically, I'm not a "baller." (The entire date is an estimation.)
  • One and Done (Hopefully!)

    When I was in first grade I broke my left humerus bone all of the way through. I didn't have to get a cast; I just wore a sling for awhile. (Date is an estimate, but the year is correct.)
  • Bestie 4 Life :)

    Bestie 4 Life :)
    My best friend, Amber, and I met in kindergarten, but turned into best friends in fourth grade. We've only had one fight (which our moms guided us back together), lived together in college, and have been through everything under the sun together! (She even lit me on fire once! Well, my thumb...and it was an accident.) My life is definitely better with her in it! (Date is an estimate, but the year is correct)
  • Y2K - Oh, My!!

    Y2K - Oh, My!!
    There was a big scare at the end of '99 that involved switching over to the new year. It was found that computers might not be able to handle the switch over to the multiple-0 new year; therefore, anything with a computerized system would crash (i.e. - banks, planes, computers, etc.). People panicked, built underground rooms (even stocked them with enough food to last over a year!), and waited for the "end" to come. The end did not come and it was the beginning of a new (w)illenium.
  • 9/11 Terrorist Attack

    9/11 Terrorist Attack
    On September 11, 2001 the US was attacked by terrorists commandeering planes and flying them into the Twin Towers and Pentagon. There was at least one other plane headed for the Capitol (they believe), but passengers managed to take control of the plane and crashing it into a field in Pennsylvania. I remember exactly where I was that day: I'd just returned to my dorm room from my first class; I turned on the TV just in time to see the second plane crash into the towers. It was very surreal.
  • Molding Young Minds is Now My Life

    Molding Young Minds is Now My Life
    I started my first teaching job in the Pekin Community School District in the fall after I graduated from UNI. I taught English and study skills to 6th graders, English to 7th graders, and reading to 8th graders. I also coached middle school cross country and track.
  • Rosa Parks - Civil Rights Icon

    Rosa Parks - Civil Rights Icon
    Rosa Parks, a civil rights icon, passed away in October of 2005. She was most famous for being the catalyst for the Montgomery Bus Boycott; she refused to give up her seat to a "white" man and was arrested for it.
  • Flood of 2008 - Vinton

    Flood of 2008 - Vinton
    My hometown, Vinton, went through it's second flood (the first was in 1993) in 2008. This flood definitely hit harder than the first; it wiped out more businesses, homes, our county jail, and fire department. With a lot of support and rebuilding, we're getting back on track! (Date given is when the Cedar River crested.)
  • 26.1 miles!

    26.1 miles!
    One of my best friends and I ran our first marathon in Chicago on 10/10/10. It was an amazing, crazy experience; we met a lot of people from other countries, hung out in Chicago (saw free country concerts and the Bean) , and we were one "color level" away from being pulled off of the course because of heat conditions!