The Life and Times of Morgan Mitchell, After Losing bot of his Kidneys in a car crash

  • I'm ALIVE!!!

  • Period: to

    Life without Kidneys

  • Started to play Soccer

  • Achieved Black-belt status in Tae-Kwon-Do

  • Built Bike course in B.C. with my cousins

  • Joined Football

  • Made my first dub-step song

  • Being able to survive school

  • Mountain Biked in the mountains in Jasper

  • Get my Degree in welding

  • Achieved my apprentice degree for welding school

  • Get into a car with my drunk friend and lose both my kidneys

    I got into a car with my drunk friend and we crashed which led to me losing bot my kidneys
  • Sports

    This day on I will have to quit playing various sports do to my health
  • Buy my first house in Church-Hill, Alberta

    i will need a house that accomadates my needs because of my kidney lose
  • Live my life, going to all my treatements

  • Die

    Live for this long would be a miracle without kidneys so i would be happy