The Life and Times of Katie VanDooren

  • My birthday

    My birthday
    I was born on February 4th,1997 at Mercy Hospital. I was born at 9:12 pm. I was my parents' second child.
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    The Life and Times of Katie VanDooren

  • Parents got divorced

    Parents got divorced
    My parents got divorced when I was 8 months old and my brother was 5 years old. This wasn't very hard on me because I was a baby, but it still affected my life.
  • Met my best friend

    Met my best friend
    10 years ago, I met my best friend...Alaina Schulte. We went to preschool together and instantely became friends.
  • 9/11 Terrorist Attack

    9/11 Terrorist Attack
    Even though this plane attack did not affect me directly, I know a few friends who had people that lived near or in New York City. Whenever I ride in an airplane it always makes me think about this event.
  • War in Iraq

    War in Iraq
    Currently, my cousin is going through basic training to prepare himself to go to Iraq.
  • climbed Mt. Washington

    climbed Mt. Washington
    I was on vacation visiting family in Massachusetts. We all decided to climb Mt. Washington in New Hampshire.
  • Death of my great grandma

    Death of my great grandma
    I have never experienced deathin my family until my great grandma died. My brother, dad, and I flew out to Massachusetts and the funeral was held on my birthday. This was very hard on me.
  • Cedar Rapids Flood

    Cedar Rapids Flood
    My dad's old friend's house was flooded so he stayed at my house and slept in my bed and used my room until he got back up on his feet.
  • Barrack Obama

    Barrack Obama
    When Barrack Obama was elected as president in 2008, it was a huge deal. He was the very first African American to ever become president in the U.S. This was important because all of our previous presidents have been white.
  • Brother went to college

    Brother went to college
    When my brother, Adam, left for college it was pretty hard on me. I was very happy that he was just going to UNI so I could see him frequentely, but I still miss him.
  • Prairie Point

    Prairie Point
    When Prarie Point was built last year, it affected our whole entire school district. It made 7th graders the youngest in the school and 9th graders had to wait another year to go to the high school.
  • Volleyball Regionals Tournament

    Volleyball Regionals Tournament
    This year my volleyball team placed 4th out of 48 teams all throughout Iowa. This was an accomplishment for me and my team because there was a huge improvement since last year when we placed 14th.