The Hip of a lifetime

  • Basketball Zero

    I was practicing for the basketball season and games. We were scrimiging and I fell on my thigh and another gu had fallen on it, too. At the time I didn't really fell it.
  • Limp Food

    I admit I may be a little overweight. I also admit that don' t usually hurt myself. Then after practice I got in my parents car and we go to Culver's and I start to feel excruciating pain in my thigh. I could almost not walk . It was painful, but the food was worth it.
  • Pain Ceases

    The pain began to leave me but I still had a limp and for another 8 months I had a limp, Then there were moments of intense pain for several months
  • Pain Ceaseless

    The pain in my thigh had come back. It was more painful then ever. I could not walk for some time and had to rest to continue walking. This countinued for almost a week
  • At the Doctor

    I went to the Tri-state Orthopeodic Office to go see Dr. O'Neil. He took an x-ray and he saw that my growth plate was fractured and my femour was coming out of it and for the past 8 months I have been at risk of bleeding to death or having my growth plate shatter completely. He told me that he wants to do surgery the very next day.
  • Surgery Day

    This day I was going to have the most strenous surgery from my life to that. I had already had 2 ear tube surgeries. I had an IV and I remember barely me passing out from the anstesia. When I woke up, the nurse told me that she had never seen anyone get up that fast. That I also realized that hospital is AMAZING. I went home the same day as the surgery.
  • After Surgery Appointment

    This is the 3rd day of school and I go back to the doctor for an appointment. I am doing very well and only using the crutches when needed. He said that I should not run (not to sad about that) or do any strenuous on my leg (sad about that one). I then continue life.
  • Crutches gone

    THat day I got off of the crutches and got my first homeowrk assignment.
  • The Last Appointment

    The last appointment for the leg. I can run and do activities excpet for extreme challenges. He told me that there is a possibility that in the future this could happen to the left growth plate. He was right and it happened almost a year later without any activity causing it.