The Great Schism

By chadaly
  • Period: Jan 1, 1300 to Dec 31, 1450

    The Great Schism

  • Dec 9, 1305

    Clement V moved to Avignon

    For the next 69 years Popes lived here
  • Jan 9, 1378

    Pope Gregory XI dies

    This ment that the College of Cardinals needed to choose a new successor
  • Apr 9, 1378

    The College of Cardinals choose Urban VI as the new Pope

    This is how the problem came about. Both Popes fought with eachother claiming that the other wasn't a "True Pope." This started the church to split, and was called The Great Schism.
  • Oct 9, 1378

    College of Cardinals choose Clements VII to be another Pope

  • Dec 9, 1414

    Council of Constance tried to put an end to the Great Schism

    By now there were 3 Popes involved: Clement V, Urban VI, Clement VII. The Council of Constance was still trying to put an end to the Great Schism.
  • Dec 9, 1417

    Martin V is choosen as the new Pope

    The Council told all 3 Popes to resign and they choose Martin V as the new Pope. This ended the Great Schism, but let the papacy still weak.