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  • 1 CE

    Birth of jesus

    Birth of jesus
    Jesus was born in a manger in a stable, in Jerusalem, born from the Virgin Mary and of God
  • 30

    St Peter is Ordained

    St Peter is Ordained
    St Peters gets ordained by Jesus, To be the first Pope or bishop of the church
  • 31

    Crucifixion of Jesus

    Crucifixion of Jesus
    Jesus was persecuted by the Romans and crucified on the cross
  • 34

    Saul's conversion

    Saul's conversion
    Saul goes on the road to Damascus but gets shown a vision of God, then after he converts to Christianity, after despising them for so long
  • 47

    Paul's Missinary Journeys

    Paul's Missinary Journeys
    Paul seeks out to exclaim the Lord's word out with 4 executive missionary trips across the land.
  • 70

    Siege of Jerusalem

    Siege of Jerusalem
    Titus, a Roman general at the time decided to destroy the Christian temple in Jerusalem. they did capture the temple and destroy it
  • 272

    Constantine becomes emperor

    Constantine becomes emperor
    Constantine the great became emperor and was a great help to Christianity, as he converted.
  • 313

    Constantine's conversion

    Constantine's conversion
    Constantine had seen a cross in the sky as did his army. he saw this as a spiritual sign and converted to Catholicism
  • 313

    The Spread of Christianity

    The Spread of Christianity
    In the middle east, in Europe, Christianity began to spread across the land and being adopted by missionaries, merchants, and soldiers. This ends the persecution of Christians in the Roman empire
  • Renouncement of Galileo's Teachings

    Renouncement of Galileo's Teachings
    The Catholic church forces Galileo to stop spreading that the world actually revolves around the sun, other than what the bible says
  • Robert Boyle

    This was when Robert Boyle, a Christian, began to test his religious philosophy and to discover many things like chemistry
  • Isaac Newton was born

    Isaac Newton born in a Christian family by the name given. Galileo has died in the same year so he believe that the scientific mantle fell upon him, so he became interested in mathematics, physics, etc.
  • The Enlightenment

    The Enlightenment
    When we began to look past superstition and began to look at the world more logically. we stopped discriminating on ideas that we believed were to be blasphemy because it was other than in the Bible. led to scientific, political and advances.
  • Vincent De Paul helps the poor

    he escapes from persecuting Muslims and pirates and converting a nice man from Islam to Christian, he worked as a priest and was very charitable
  • Return of the Prodigal Son

    Return of the Prodigal Son
    Rembrandt completes an art piece depicting Return of the Prodigal Son.
  • Bach creates music for God

    Bach created his music for god, as a composer and after around 260 years of being still lifting our hearts with his music.
  • Bible in all languages

    Benedict XIV allowed Bibles to be produced in their own tongues. this was to get the word of god out to as many people as possible
  • Modern Church

    The modern church is where Catholicism does not take effect on liberals and politics
  • First public mass

    First public mass celebrated by Fr Dixon in Sydney
  • First Catholic church

    Construction of first Catholic church is a permanent building in Richmond, Tasmania
  • Australia's first bishop

    Pope Gregory XVI appoints Fr Brfr Polding OSB as Australia's first catholic bishop
  • Bishop of Melbourme

    Jame Alipius Goold appointed first Bishop of Melbourne
  • Divide of the Catholic Church

    The Catholic Church in Australia is divided into provided and dioces
  • Founding of Sisters of St Josephs

    Mary Mackillop and Fr Julian Tension Woods founded the sisters of St Joseph
  • First vatican council

    The first Vatican Council was called by Pope Pius IX to use to fix problems like liberalism and materialism
  • St Vincent de Paul

    First permanent St Vincent de Paul society established in Australia
  • First World War

    War made by alliances, imperialism, militarism, nationalism.
  • St Patrick's cathedral

    St Patrick's Cathedral in Melbourne was completed
  • Second World War

    germany goes to war with almost every other country for the d
  • Mother Teresea wins nobel peace prize

    She wins the Nobel peace prize by work undertaken in the struggle to overcome poverty and distress in the world
  • Australian Catholic University

    Foundation of the Australian Catholic University
  • Archbishop of Melbourne

    Denise Hart appointed Archbishop of Melbourne