The Giver Timeline

Timeline created by ryanpfan
  • When I started walking

    I got my name right when I was born whereas in The Giver they get a year after they were born during the ceremony of one.
  • The Giver: Name and family

  • My first haircut

  • The Giver: Get comfort item

  • My first trip to Florida

  • The Giver: Girls get hair ribbons

  • My hernia surgery

  • The Giver: Back buttoned jacket

  • My first day of school

  • The Giver: Get smaller buttons on back

  • Got my first bike

  • The Giver: Get more buttons on jacket

  • Made 7u cats baseball team

  • The Giver: Front buttoned jacket

  • The Giver: Volunteer hours

  • Got a dog named Gibson

  • We got a family camper

  • The Giver: Get bike

  • I was transfered into the reach program

  • The Giver: Adult haircut

  • Broke thumb and nose in the same year

  • The Giver: Adult clothing

  • The Giver: Assignment

  • I got my first phone on my 13th birthday