The Giver- Me, and a Child from the Community

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    Birth to Now

  • The Day I was Born

    The day I was born, I received a meaningful, and special name. I opened my eys for the first time to the big, loud, world, and saw my family. In the community, each and every child turns a year older on the same day, is given a name that means nothing to the family unit, and assigned to a family unit that has no biological relation to them. A child's birth is still special, but no factor of uniqueness or singling out children for their special day is celebrated.
  • The Day the Community Child Became a One

    When a community child becomes a one, they recieve a name, family unit, number, and comfort object.
  • My First Year as a One Year Old

    As I grew older, I started to crawl, sit up on my own, walk while holding on to something, stumble around, and talk. My first word was 'mama', and later that year, sometime in January, I took my first steps on my own.
    In Jonas's community, none of these special milestones are appreciated, because it may be considered bragging, and the chldren are tended to, fed, and cared for, but not appreciated for their differences.
  • A Child Becomes a Two

    In the comunity, when a child becomes a two, they are introduced to speech, and therefore, the discipline wand.
  • When I Became a Two Year Old

    When I became a two year old, I ran around, played, spoke in short choppy sentences, went to nursery school, where I met my first friends, and began to go out into the world.
    When a cild in the community becomes a two, they are introduced to dicipline and stay within the protective family unit. Unlike, our society, they are not praised, but punished for incorrect speech.
  • The Best Birthday a Three Year Old Ever Had

    For my third birthday, we visited my grandparents from Florida and they took me to Disney World for my birthday party. I had my first plane ride, and for the first time, I met new, different people and friends. I could talk fluently.
    One of the few similarities we have with the community is that we both learn to talk by 3, but at three, my hair was worn many different ways, and I was free to talk about whatever, whenever I wanted.
  • The child Becomes a Three

    At age three, the females get hair ribbons and are told to braid their hair because it begins to grow out in different ways, and they are supposed to be similar. Dream-telling also starts because they start school and learn to talk.
  • My year as a Four Year Old

    My mom told me that I was going to have a little brother, and I was extastic! We moved to Nashville.
    In Jonas's community, I wouldn't get to meet my new brother untill next December! I didn't really know how I would like my little brother, but now, I have two brothers and another sister, and I'm so happy.
  • The Child Becomes a Four

    When a child becomes a four, they recieve a back- buttoned jacket to learn interdependence.
  • When I Turned Five

    Earlier that year, I got my first baby brother, and I thought he was the cutest thing I had ever seen. In Jonas's community, I would have known that that would have been the last brother, or sibling, that I would ever have, but, in our world, I now have two brothers and another sister.
  • The Child Becomes a Five

    When a child turns five, they begin real school, harsher punishments, and continue to learn to make friends and learn interdependence.
  • The Year I Became a Six Year Old

    when I turned six, we moved back to New Jersey, and I met one of my best friends.
    I was already venturing out into the world, and meeting new people, places, and trying new things, when, in Jonas's world I wouldn't be able to do that until I was 9.
  • The Child Becomes a Six

    The child starts to adventure out into the community with new friends, and begins to visit other communities in their school groups.
  • When I was Seven

    When I wa seven, we moved to Louisville, KY. I moved to a new school and it was really hard, because I had to make all new friends.
    In Jonas's community, I wouldn'tve had to move. My school would have been decided, along with my classmates untill I was twelve, and then I wold have had to leave them to train for my job.
  • The Child Becomes a Seven

    When the child becomes a seven, they get a front buttoned jacket to learn independence
  • When I Turned Eight

    when I turned Eight, I was still trying to get used to my newborn twin brother and sister. I also switched schools to Saint Mary Academy, which was closer to my house. I had to make new friends, yet again.
    When I was eight, I helped babysit a little bit, but I didn't have to go out and do volunteer, and I also didn't get my stuffed animals taken away, unlike in Jonas's communty.
  • The Child Becomes an Eight

    When a child Becomes an eight, they get their comfort object taken away, they begin volunteer hours, and get jackets with pockets because they are mature enough to keep small belongings.
  • When I Turned Nine

    When I turned nine, I was getting used to my new school and friends, and really enjoying it.
    I already knew how to ride a bike, all by myself, and I never really wore ribbons in the first place. In Jonas's community, that would all be different, and I was already hanging out with friends and part of a community, not just starting to move out into the world.
  • The Child Becomes a Nine

    When a child turns nine, they get a bicycle to represent moving away from the protective family unit and into the community, females lose hair ribbons.
  • When I Became Ten

    When I turned ten, I moved here, to Fishers, IN. And yet again, it was a change for the best. I met most of my best friends here.
    In common with Jonas's community, I got a new haircut. I did move again, which I wouldn'tve in a safe, secluded community.
  • The Child Becomes a Ten

    When a child becomes a ten, boys and girls get haircuts to show maturity.
  • When I Turned 11

    I had my first birthday party in Fishers, and later in the year, moved into the new Junior High.

    Around this time, I would be anxiously awaiting the ceremonies, and getting an assignment, thank goodness that isn't really happening!
  • The Child Becomes and Eleven

    When a child becomes an eleven, they recieve new undergarments for their changing bodies.
  • When I Turned 12

    We've caught up to the present, when I love my school and friends, and anxiously await fall break!
    In Jonas's community, I wouldn't be playing with friends, but I would be training for the job I recieved in December.
  • The Child Becomes a Twelve

    When a child becomes a twelve, they recieve an assignment and begin training for their job.