The Fwench Wevowution

  • King Louis & Marie Antoinette Get Hitched

    King Louis & Marie Antoinette Get Hitched
    The king and Queen get married when they are 14 and 15. They are unable to reproduce for quite a long time. The king was not very much interested in the Queen. Finally after a surgery, the king and queen reproduce. They will end up having multiple children over the years.
  • King louis Becomes King

    King louis Becomes King
    King Louis was a questionable king the entire time he was in control. He always listened to other people. He will turn out to be very timid and he will become hated by his owm people. The king had absolutly no leadership skills to speak of. His army was weak because he was not a proper ruler.
  • The National Assembly

    The National Assembly
    the national assembly Was probably one of the biggest influences on the French Revolution. The National Assembly was originally called the third estate. After many debates, they finally declared themselves the national assembly on June 17. The national assembly was made up of the third estate (peasents). They wanted just as much freedom and recognition as the other two estates. They hated the second and first estate because they had all the power.
  • Tennis Court Promise

    Tennis Court Promise
    The tennis court oath was an oathe made by the third state. This oath stated that they will meet at the same place everyday. They met at the same place evryday to make up the DRM. The DRM was finally approved on Aug. 26 , 1789.
  • The Bastille Gets Bullied

    The Bastille Gets Bullied
    The bastille was attcked for gunpowder. The french attacked the bastille so they could have some sort of weapons to fight with. The upper classes were kepping all of the gunpowder locked up. The lower estates had the muskets, and the ammo, they just did not have the gunpowder to work the guns.
  • The Making of the Declaration Of The Rights Of Man

    The Making of the Declaration Of The Rights Of Man
    The National assembly made the DRM in the 'tennis court'. They stayed there for numerous days, thinking and debating about this very important Document. There are 17 articles in the DRM. The DRM basicly states what the third estate wanted from the other estates.
  • Bread March.

    Bread March.
    The French women began their march to Versailles. As they marched there, more women came out of their houses to join them. The women had pitch forks, muskets, pikes and swords, as they marched through the rain. When the women reached Versailles, they stormed the gates. The women demanded bread while they stood in the palace of Versailles.
  • The great e-sca-pe "funny, its spelled just like the word escape" xD

    The great e-sca-pe "funny, its spelled just like the word escape" xD
    The king and his family tried to escape the french people on January 21, 1791. They did not do a good job at all. They left in the royal carriage. Since they left in the royal carriage they were not too hard to find and bring back to france. The king also took all of the main roads.
  • France goes to war.

    France goes to war.
    France went to war with Prussia & Austria when Napoleon was in power. Napoleon went completely undefeated for the longest time. After a while Napoleon got beat & he got sent off to an isolated island. When france went to war, this time with prussia and austria they got defeated.

    King louis XVI was executed in front of the entire village. He tried to make a speech but the French people just would not let him speak. He did not even struggle when he got tied to the board that he would very soon, be killed on. After hearing about her husbands death, Marie was overwhlemed with sadness.
  • Reign Of Terror

    Reign Of Terror
    The Reign of Terror was the short but bloody period during the French Revolution. This period that resulted in the overthrow of the King. The Reign of Terror began in 1793 and ended in July 1794. During this time revolutionary leader Robespierre arrested, tried, and put to death more than 17,000 people, with the guillotine.
  • Marie Antoinette Gets Killed

    Marie Antoinette Gets Killed
    The French Revolutionists wanted to rid of the absolute monarchy and Marie Antoinette tried to get assistance from Austria, Russia, Sweden & Prussia by getting military help to defeat the Revolutionists. Marie was later labled a traitor to her own country.
  • RobesPierre Dies

    RobesPierre Dies
    Robespierre was a big influence for the National Assembly, they all loved him very much. Robespierre presided over the Reign Of Terror. He was killed by a women named Cécile Renault. She killed him by stabbing him with two seperate knives, multiple times. About a month lateer she was executed.
  • Napoleon Becomes The Leader

    Napoleon Becomes The Leader
    Napoleon Bonaparte was a French military leader during the ending stages of the French Revolution. Napoleon was the Emperor of the French from 1804 to 1815. He is best remembered for his time in the wars against France.
  • Napoleon Loses

    Napoleon Loses
    Napoleon finally lost his first battle, the battle of Waterloo in 1815. After this devastating loss, he was sent into complete isolation. He swam from St.Helens to take his people back over. His people were very excited to have him back in power. In the end, he lost all of his power and died.
  • Napoleon Dies.

    Napoleon Dies.
    For twenty years, Napoleon ruled Europe. Untill his defeat in the battle of Waterloo in 1815.After that, he was put in prison, he was put in isolation by the British in St. Helena. St. Helena isone of the most isolated islands in the world.
    He mysteriously died there in May 5, 1821.