the french revolutoin

  • king louis 16 marrige

    king louis 16 marrige
    king louis the 16th married princes marie antoinette in the year 1770 .King louis was 15. Princes marie was 14. princes marie was born in austria, vienna Thier was a magnificent marriage ceremony.
  • king louis the 16th becoming king

    king louis the 16th becoming king
    He was 20 years old when he came to the trown. No one seemed more out opf placed than king louis the 16th did. When he first came to the thrown he entrusted his management of finances of the kingdom to Turgot. He thought as logn as he followed the ministers advice france would improve.he was always following other peoples advice.
  • national assembly

    national assembly
    The Third Estate had been granted double representationhat i twice as many delegates as each of the other estates.on may 5, 1789 they were informed that all voting would be counted as estates not by head so their double vote ment nothing anymore. the national assemble isnt a assembly of the estates but a assembly of the people. they told the people in the other estates they plan on having this meeting with or without them.
  • the bastille attack

    the bastille attack
    the french citizens stormed the bastille in search of gunpowder and prisoners that had been taken by the king. they perpared the bastille in a weeks advanced only thinking nomore than 100 angry people. They reinforced the bastille ready for the attack. but on the famouse day of they attack their was over 300 people. They were ready to give their lives to get ride of the over taxing over bearing government.
  • tennis court oath

    tennis court oath
    The tennis court oath happend cause the king locked the meeting room so they had no where left to meet so they had their meeting at the tennis courts. The oath was that they would meet everyday till they established a new constitution for france.this was the first step to the french revolution
  • king and queen trying to escape

    king and queen trying to escape
    king louis the 16 and his queen tryed to run away to australia. He was trying to run to australia because that where the queen is from. but the couldnt escape cause they were cought at the boarder. They were brought right back after getting cought.
  • creation of the declaration of man

    creation of the declaration of man
    The declaration of man had 17 articles. the first 6 articals where made on the 20th and the 21st. On the 22 7,8,9 were made. articles 12-16 were made sepritly.Thes articles were made as a black. and # 17 was made at last minute on the 26th.
  • bread march

    bread march
    the bread march was a group of women. They had gotten together in paris and made a big crowd in the central market. They were angry cause the price of bread was so out raguose and the were poor and hungry. They marchd all the way to varsailles. the bread march was one of the many violent desterbences during the french revolution.
  • king killed

    king killed
    they dicided to pu the king to a trial. Him being guilty was not the problem. the debate was wether the king should be sent to convention or be killed. They ended up voting for his excution. He was killed by the guillotine.
  • war aganst prussia and austria

    war aganst prussia and austria
    prussia and austria formed a alliance and stormed france.but the french meet in valmy. The french put the troops to a halt. The french won. Over the next two years the Austrians were driven from the Netherlands, and The United Provinces.
  • napollian coming into power

    napollian coming into power
    power fell into Robespierre's hands. So began the most violent and chaotic period in rench history. Robespierre demanded the king be put to death for the good of the french republic.. Anyone who was not part of the Jacobin party's policies were killed during the bloody public excution
  • reign of terror

    reign of terror
    Instead of a democracy the Convention established a war dictatorship operating through the Committee of Public safty. this period of time was known as the reign of terror. This period of time represented a few men to govern and wag war in a time of crises.