The french revolution timeline

  • Napolean is a dictator

    He became an officer in the french army when the french revolution began. In 1795 when royalists marched against the National convention in paris, he had them shot. He was a dictator and military adventurer who would cause france there lives of millions of men. In the end they did not gain anything from france.
  • The estate system

    France was divided into 3 estates. the first estate is the clergy. the 2nd estate was nobility. the 3rd estate was the commoners. the 3rd estate paid all the taxes. The 2 nd estate paid no taxes. The 1st estate paid no taxes.
  • National assembley created

    A transitional body between the estates general and the national constitute assembley.It members had been elected to represent the estates(1st 2nd and 3rd). They procedded to met sepratley.
    the 3rd estate began to meet on there own calling themselfs the communes.
  • D.R.M

    The national assembley was to meet at a nearby tennis court. The plan was to document with rights the french people should have. The decloration was called the decloration of rights of man.
  • Tennis court oath

    They mad the tennis court oath. The oath was that the 3rd estate would keep meeting until the DRM was completed. The promise was kept.
  • Causes of the revolution

    one cause would be france was bankrupt. They had foughtand spent a lot of money fighting against england. Another cause is the queen was spending alot of money. Marie antoinette threw expensive parties. She spent tons of money on dresses.
  • The bad harvest

    Before the revolution france had severe droughts. Food storages and prices went up. The average person farmed for a livingand ate a loaf of bread each day.
  • Bread March

    King louis 16 and marie antoinette were forced to sign the DRM. All the food at versailles and the king/queen were broughtbto paris. King louis would never see versailles again.
  • The great escape

    The national assembley kept forcing king louis 16 to sign law after that tookmore and more power away from the king. THe king and his royal family got in their carriage and using the cover of darkness they tried to head for austria border. They were spotted and captured and brought back to paris.
  • Death of king louis 16

    Louis xvi was suspended and arrested as part of the insurrection on august 10th one month before the constitutional monacrchy. He was executed by gullotine on january 21st 1793. He is the only king of france to be executed.
  • War

    King louis was beheaded. As a result Austria, prusia,spain,portaguel,Britian declared war on france and invaded.
  • Reign of terror

    When the war began the french army was loosing, the austrian/prusian army got within 30 miles or so of paris. As a result the french goverment started killing anyone who was against the french revolution. 40,000 people evan marie antoinette were sent to the gullotine.
  • The enlightnment

    The french people were hearing frome the philosophers ideas.1.kings power shuld be limited. 2.people should have rights/freedom. 3.king isbreaking the social contract. 4.philosophers are pushing the french people to revolt.