French revolution

The French Revolution -AnnaFequiere-Period4

  • Period: to

    Meeting Of The Estates General

    The first, second and third estates called a meeting to set taxes on the third estate. The third estate enraged met at a tennis court to protest so that a constituion could be written.
  • Creation Of The National Assembly

    Creation Of The National Assembly
    The First Estate Second estate, and Third estate were called for a meeting to deal with financial crisis. Not being able to come to a conclusion, it was required to have a vote which was divided by estates. Though the third estate has twice as many people, they were weakened by the fact that there could only be votes by estates and not by heads. Which led the third estate to branch off into Les Communes (communs)
  • Storming Of The Bastille

    Storming Of The Bastille
    The storming of the Bastille prison was the event that caused more disturbances, pushing the third estate forward in the revolution. A mob of Partisans broke into the Bastille (a prison) to steal weapons and gun powder. Fighting against the army resulted in decapitating the commander's head and marching down the cities with it on a stick.
  • Declaration Of The Rights Of Man and Of The Citizens

    Declaration Of The Rights Of Man and Of The Citizens
    The basic principles were layed out, it stated that men were equal before the law. The National Assembly denied those rights.
  • Period: to

    Creation Of The National Convention

    Made of many businessmen, trademen, and many proffessionals, the National Convention was in power all throughout the French Revolution. They ended monarchy, increased the army size. Abolished slavery and wrote a new constitution
  • Execution Of The King

    Execution Of The King
    King Louis was tried and by one vote was sentenced to death by guillotine. For the first time in many years, France was not ruled by the monarchy.
  • Period: to

    Reign Of Terror

    Period of time in France where anyone that was against or was suspected to be against the revolution were killed by guillotine. This caused thousands of deaths many of those people were innocent. This rose the anger in france causing the death of the king.
  • Coup D'etat

    Coup D'etat
    Napoleon's armed supporters forced the directory of legislation to hand the government over to him. Tired of fighting and tired of the results of the revolution, instead of having a president, France allowed a dictatorship under Napoleon's control. He promised reforms from the revolution and promised to bring peace, prosperity and glory.