the french revolution and napoleon

  • From Estates-General to National assembly

    gereal estates was troubld from start it becuase the first and second estate could out vote the third one. the third didnt like that the first two states could out vote them so they drafted a new constitution. they swore they would meet at the tennis court til they produced a new constitution.
  • Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen

    becuase people wanted basic civil lberties such as the "natural and imprescripable rights of man. they wanted laws like the bill of rights that we have they wanted to be part of the goverment for everyone to hae equal liberties
  • The king conceeds

    king didnt want to accept the abolition of fuedalism and declaration of rights. the women forced the king to accept the new decree.
  • new constitution new fears

    set up a limited moarchy but there would still be a king. legislative assembly makes the laws.consiss of 745 representatives. old order destroyed but it cuased lower classes to be hurt by the rise of cost of living.
  • the fate of the king

    national conventions first meeting to abolish the monarchy and establish a republic , french republic.
  • split in factions

    the members of the convention couldnt agree on the fate of the king so they split into factions but there were two more important than others.
  • the republic of virtue

    the first day of french republic. which tried to dechristianize france that didnt work becuase french people were overwhelmingly catholic.
  • the execution of king louis XVI

    the exxecution of king louis XVI his last words were"i die innocent of all crimes laid to my charge, i pardon those who had occasioned my death :and i pray that the blood you are going to shed may never visted on france.
  • a nation in arms

    france was threatned by external forces and to save its republic from foriegn enemies the committee decreed a mobilization of the nation
  • disaster in russia

    the grand army entered russia with over 600 men. nepoleons hopes of victory are defeated by the russian army
  • constitution day

    norway got its first constitution even thogh it didnt gain independce from sweden til 1905
  • the final defeat

    nepoleon made his entry into paris in triumph on this date.
  • waterloo

    nepoleon meet a perusian army and suffered bloddy defeat