The French Revolution

  • Estates General Called

    Estates General Called
    In,1789 the Estates general called.The estate general consisted of the clergy which is the 1st estate the nobility which is the 2nd estate and the commoners which is the the 3rd estate.It was called for the first time in 150 years by king louis XVI because of an economic crisis in france at the time.
  • National Assembly Formed

    National Assembly Formed
    The national assembly consisted of representatives from the third estate and was a revolutionary assembly.The national assembly was formed due to the unfair and unequal parts of power between estates. Even though the third estate was around 96% of the population they still got treated unequally therefore causing them to revolt against the 1st and 2nd estate.
  • The storming of the bastille

    The storming of the bastille
    During the storming of Bastille the thirst estate rushed the Bastille prison because they were sick of starving because of all the taxes they were getting.this prison was seen as a symbol of unfairness and stormed it to revolt against the acien regime.They successfully captured the prison and noted it as a revolutionary task.
  • Tennis court oath

    Tennis court oath
    The representatives of the third estate got locked out of their original gathering place so they went to a tennis court and swore to never separate until the constitution of the kingdom was made.
  • Constitutional Monarchy

    Constitutional Monarchy
    The constitutional monarchy in the french revolution was wanted by the 3rd estate because king Louis XVI had more of a absolute monarchy.An absolute monarchy is when one person controls everything obviously the 3rd estate didnt like that so the national assembly changed it.
  • France a republic

    France a republic
    The constitutional monarchy was overthrown and the first french republic was formed.The new national convention was made when king Louis XVI was suspended and drew up a new Constitution with no monarchy which was wanted very badly by the third estate.
  • King Louis XVI & Marie Antoinette Beheaded

    King Louis XVI & Marie Antoinette Beheaded
    King Lois XVI and his wife Marie Antoinette were executed by beheaded for treason. King Louis XVI failed to Acknowledge Frances financial state. Also for the french revolution this was a huge step for paving a way to peace and equality for the people of the third estate.
  • Reign of terror begins

    Reign of terror begins
    The reign of terror began to ensure that the revolution would succeed.The representatives of the national convention then publicly executed anyone who they thought would threaten the revolution they first started off with the king and his wife then anyone else they suspected.
  • Reign of Terror Ends

    Reign of Terror Ends
    the reign of terror ended when the national convention charged Robespierre and his posse with crimes against the republic.They were arrested and executed which lead to the end of the reign of terror. around 15 000-40 000 people were executed in this one month period.