The French Revolution

  • Calling of the Estates General

    Estates General Called for the meeting that did not happen for more than 170 years the reason why they called for the general meeting was to vote for who has to pay for more taxes and only one vote comes out of every estates since the first and second estates always agreed with each other they double teamed on the third estate and at the end of the day it was 2vs1 so the third estate lost
  • Tennis Court Oath

    A group of people that we're locked out of the meeting they use to attend at the hall, Versailles that went to a tennis court near and swore to not disband until new governor was formed in new france
  • The Storming of the Bastille

    A state prison on the east side of the city of paris it was called Bastille, it was attacked on july 14th 1790 by mad mob, the prison became a symbol of the monarchy's dictatorial rule and It demonstrated that a force of people could challenge a monarchy and overpower it.
  • National Assembly Formed

    The Third Estate general we're not happy with how they were being treated and how they didn't have any right to do anything or speak up for themselves because the king refused to give them more power so they created their own group called the National Assembly, after they formed they're own group they started doing everything by themselves and didn't need help from the Monoracy.
  • Constitutional Monarchy

    The people from the third estate that formed the national assembly with the first and second estate demanded the king to accept the French Constitutional. Turning the Absolute monarchy into a Constitutional Monarchy.
  • Beheaded

    The execution of Louis XVI started on 21 january 1793 and king Louis getting executed had a crazy impact on the french revolution On January 21, Louis XVI walked to the guillotine and was executed. Nine months later, Marie Antoinette was convicted of treason by a tribunal, and on October 16 she was executed just like her husband to the guillotine.
  • Reign of Terror Begins

    The new French Revolutionary government made "Terror" an order and take action upon those suspected of being enemies to the Revolution, nobles, priests, and hoarders were being executed because they were close to the monorcy or related to the monorcy
  • France A Republic

    France became a republic due to the aftermath of the french revolution of 1789.And also the abolishment of the monarchy which led to France becoming a republic.
  • Reign of Terror Ends

    Roberspierre was the man that declared the terror and it ended when they took his power .