The french revolution

  • Napoleon bonapart

    Napoleon bonapart
    napoleon bonapart was known as one of the most famous greatest military and political leaders of history . He was born august 15th 1769. He was the second son of a lawyer who had minor connections to the aristacratsy. He had no advantage of birth or wealth. He was pramoted to general december 1793.
  • king louises marriage

    king louises marriage
    Louis auguste was 15 when he married marie antionette. marie antionette was only 14 years old. Louis auguste and Marie antionette was picked to marry each other they were forced to marrie eachother at a really young age.Marie antionette was from austrisa and louis was from france.
  • louis auguste becoming king

    In the year 1774 louis auguste became king. king louis became king when his grandfauther died . Leaving the throne in his place for louis auguste. When louis auguste became king he was usually shy and didnt talk alot. king louises grandfauther was blamed for the reason louis auguste's reaction to everything.
  • decleration of independence

    decleration of independence
    the decleratrion of independence was made.
  • grants

    edict grants tolerration to protestants.
  • 2nd assembly

    second assembly of nobelities(disolvevd december 12 1788)
  • national assembly

    national assembly
    Natinal assembly was a assembly which invited the the three estates to join them . The national assembly made it clear that ifthe estats didnt joinn them that they intended to do the nations affairs with or without the estates.They restored the confidence to the people and gave them a good intrist into the national assembly.
  • swtich up

    the clegery and the nobiliteys switched to the third estate.
  • decleration rights of man

    decleration rights of man
    The decleration rights of man was created beacuse people thought that it would be fair if men had a right to say or do as he feals. instead of being killed or jailed for doing something wrong and getting blamed without haveing a saying in their part of the story. Some of the rights were men to be born and remain free in rights, life , liberty and property.
  • public officals

    all public officals and preists are sighned a oathof loyalty to the french nation.
  • king and qween and childeren on the run

    king and qween and childeren on the run
    on june 20th 0791 the king and qween was on the run. later that day the news has set out like wildfire that the royal family has gotten free. On the way the royal family stoped to get sopme things allong the way. The ssecond stop allong the way they were asked to stop and show their id in which they did and they was sent back and heled captive aqnd was punished for trying to escape.
  • kings death

    kings death
    king louis the 16th was killed . he was killed on january 20th 1793. He was put on trial and later that day he was sent to the guillitene which he died in. Later 9 monthes marie anntonie was put in the same position she was killed by the guillitene in october.
  • wart with austria and prussia

    wart with austria and prussia
    austria and prussia wanted to go to war with france to restor king louis back to his full power. as they say not everyone wanted peace france wanted to go to war with another country. In april 1972 frasnce declared war with austria . In the beginging people thought they wouldnt de united. But as the war went on unfortinutly the good wasnt happening for france. It turned out that france has lost the war with austria.
  • Region of terrior

    Region of terrior
    No date.region of terrior was begun in year 1793. region of terror started because france deemed a threat to national security .The region of terror started in septmeber 1793 until the fall of robespiear . Its pourpose was to protectthe countyries and revolution from forieghn envaiders.
  • Tennis Court Oath

    Tennis Court Oath
    a group of men 576 came to a court wich the called the tennis court . They scheduald to meet together to stay together until the constitution was made . So rights of men would be made . During the constituional sighning was sighend all 573 men sighned but only one refussed. To sighn the constitution.
  • arisacratic

    all aristacratic and hederaery are abolished.