The French Revolution

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  • King got married.

    King got married.
    On May 16, 1770, their French wedding was held at Versailles in the Chapel Royal.Her wedding dress was decorated with diamonds and pearls. They did not consummate their marriage until seven years later, August 1777.
  • Period: to

    French Revolution

  • KIng louis 16 became king

    KIng louis 16 became king
    The day king louis the 15 died. King louis the 16 became king
    . HIs mother died on march 13,1767. Both his parents died of the same thing tuberculosis. His teacher that was suppose to be teaching him how to be king did not teach him.
  • Tennis court oath

    Tennis court oath
    On this date the people that was there had to promis to the tennis court oath.The people said that they were going to meet until they got this document finnsished.They made the tennis court the place to meet because the king locked the room they were going to meet in.
  • Bastille Being stormed

    Bastille Being stormed
    The croud that asembled stole almost 28000 rifles. But in this proces they found no gun powder but they knew where gun powder was stored. So the croud went to the bastille and stormed it to find gun powder. The Bastille was a prison that was a symbol of the King's absolute and arbitrary power.
  • National Assembly started

    National Assembly started
    This name was started in 1789 after the 3rd estate departed from the rest of the group. The 3rd estate would be the represativeves of the french people. The assembly dissolved in 1791 so that new elections could take place under the new constitution. As a body, the National Assembly claimed to legitimately represent the French population.
  • Declartion of the right to man created

    Declartion of the right to man created
    This document is part of the french revolution. This is devining the rights for the people.
  • Pairisams woman march to Versilles

    Pairisams woman march to Versilles
    The woman of pairisams marched over to versilles because of the food crisis.King lousi the 16 took charge of this and seid it was his fault and agreed to sign the declration of rights to man.
  • King and Queen tried to flee

    King and Queen tried to flee
    June 20–21, 1791 Louis XVI and his family flee Paris but are caught near the Austrian border. This made the people of france mad. So on retarn of that france declerd war on Austria.
  • France declared war on Austria

    France declared war on Austria
    France declared war on Austria
  • When king lowis the 16th died

    When king lowis the 16th died
    At eight o'clock a guard of 1,200 horsemen arrived to escort the former king on a two-hour carriage ride to his place of execution.King louis spent the night befor saying good by to his family.All the citizens were armed with picks and guns.
  • Reign of terror

    Reign of terror
    The Reign of terror lasted almost 10 mounths. French king; executed by new republican government in January 1793.later instituted Reign of Terror, targeting those whose philosophies differed from his own .
  • Robespiere got arested

    Robespiere got arested
    Robespiere s bloody attempt to protect the sanctity of the Revolution had exactly the opposite result.Robespierre quickly burned his bridges and killed many former allies.The final straw was his proposal of a “Republic of Virtue,” which would entail a move away from the morals of Christianity and into a new set of values.
  • Abuses of Directory

    Abuses of Directory
    Unfortunately, it was not long before the Directory began to abuse its powerThe results of the elections of 1795 were worrisome to the Directory because a number of moderate royalists won.Although these royalists didn’t exactly qualify as counterrevolutionaries, their loyalty to the Directory was nevertheless suspect.
  • Lazare Carnot

    Lazare Carnot
    A French soldier appointed by the Committee of Public Safety to help reorganize the failing war effort against Austria and Prussia.Carnot did so very effectively and made enough of a name for himself to earn a seat as one of the first members of the Directory.
  • Noplean Bonapart became leader

    Noplean Bonapart became leader
    Nopolean was the greatest millitary genius of his time. And maby the greatest genreal.He created an empire that covered most of western and central Europe. He created an empire that covered most of western and central Europe. Napoleon was an inspirational and dramatic leader.