The French Revolution

By Presley
  • king louis the 16th

    King Louis the 16th was born on september 5th 1638 in Saint Germin en Laye , France . He had a brother and sister .
  • married

    king Louis got married to Queen Marie Antoinette from Austria. He was 15 and she was 14 , when the got married and took over France .
  • Napolean

    Napolean joined the army right out of high school . He wasnt very popular , but he was very intelligent .
  • National Assembly

    The National Assembly was from 1789 to 1799 . The National Assembly was when the people from the 3rd estate created the declaration of the rights of man. The 3rd estate was all of the peasants the 2nd estate was all of the rich nobles and the 1st estate was the clergy.
  • tennis court oath

    the 3rd estate was writting the decloration of the rights of man on tennis courts.
  • Bastille under attack !

    The bastille being to attack is when the peop[le of paris got gunpowder for their muskets to attack the kings palace.
  • French Revolution

    Thousands of people stormed tord the palace. king louis had 30,000 soldiers sorrounding Paris.
  • Rights of man

    The rights of man was writtne by the 3rd estate to create rights for people .
  • Bread

    The famous bread march ! was when all of Paris is mad becasue bread is so ecpensive.
  • Secret letters.

    The king adn Queen were accused of sending secret information to Austria and Prussia.
  • run away king

    The king and Queen ran away to Austria. Just by the barder they were captured . A long while after they were captured the king , queen and there children had been killed.
  • Frace was chaged.

    Frace went from an absolute monachy to a constitutional monarchy.
  • Reign of terror

    The reign of terror was when many people had been torchured and got there heads cut off because they were suporrting the king and his ways .
  • New leader !

    Paris got a new leader in 1799 , his name was Napoleon Bonaparte. He ruled from1799 to 1815. He was only 30 years old and changed the government in Europe .
  • new government.

    Napolean spread laws of the enlightenment , and by the time he died all of Europe ran by the laws of Enlightenment.
  • Defeat !

    From 1802 to 1812 Napolean led his army and had defeated Britain , Russia , Austria , Prussia and Sweaden. He had 600,000 troops .