The French Revolution

  • Mary Antoinette

    Mary Antoinette
    She was born in Austrisa. She was one of 15 children. She became queen of france. French people didnt trust her because she was austrian. She was quilty of treason & executed by the guillotine.
  • Period: to

    French Revolution

  • The childhood of King Louis

    The childhood of King Louis
    There were 7 children total. He waas the 3rd son in the family. He was a good student in grammer school. He enjoyed hunting with his grandfather. He also enjoyed ruff play with his brothers.
  • King Louis 16 becoming king

    King Louis 16 becoming king
    King Louis XVI was 20 yrs. old when he became king.When he first became king he entrusted the management of finances of the kingdom.After he was crowned king, he remitted some of the most oppressive taxes instituted finncial& judicial reforms.His reign as king is one of the longest reigns of any European monarch.King Louis XVI did die during his reign as king.
  • Napolean Bonaparte

    Napolean Bonaparte
    Napolean Bonaparte was born in corsica, a french town. He went to military school as a kid & he joined the army in 1785.He was very unpopular with other soilders because he was short &not from france. He was very intelliget & quickly moved up the military ranks. Napolean was in charge of the french army in italy.
  • King Louis XVI gets married

    King Louis XVI gets married
    King Louis XVI got married to MAry Antoinette when he was 15 she was 14.They wer married by proxy.Their wedding was held at Versailles in the chapel royal.Their marrige was met with hostily by the french public.They didnt consummate their marriage until 7 yrs. later.
  • First 3 Estates

    First 3 Estates
    1st estate - intire clerge- the religous. They were about 5% of population. 2nd estate- nobility, royalty, & monarchs. Took up 15% of population. 3rd estate- all those not included in the 1st 2 estates. 98% of population.
  • National Assembly being created

    National Assembly being created
    The national assembly was a transitional body between the estates general and the national constituuet assembly. The national assembly was called to deal with france's financial crisis. National assembly is the ower house of the bicameral parliamet of France.The term of the national assembly was 5 yrs. The national assembly was formed by representatives of the 3rd estate.
  • Tennis Court Oath

    Tennis Court Oath
    The tennis court oath was a result of te growing disconent of the 3rd estate. It was formed to discuss reforms proposed by Necker. It was an assertion that the sovereignty of the people did not reside with the king. National assembly was a result that the national assembly promised to keep meeting until they finished creating the "decleration of the rights of man." The tennis court oath toke place during the 1st days of the french revolution.
  • The Bastille being attacked

    The Bastille being attacked
    The bastile represented royal authority in the centre of paris.The attack ont the bastille toke place in paris.The fall was the flashpoint of the french revolution. The people of paris attacked the bastille to get gunpowder for their muskets.The bastille played an important role in the internal conflict of france.
  • Creation of the declaration of the rights of man

    Creation of the declaration of the rights of man
    The decleration of rights of man is a french political document wrote for men's rights. It was written by commision that included louis saint-just & marie sechelles.Ideas of the decleration of the rights of man are, Natural rights,rights to bare arms,& freedom of speech.The decleration of rights of man was the 1st project of the constitution. There are a total of 17 rights.
  • The bread march

    The bread march
    The bread march began when 20,000 women protested the price of bread. They also wanted the king to sign DOTROM. They marched 12 miles to paris &waited outside. Then they killed the fuards. Then they kidnapped the king & queen took them back to paris as prisoners.
  • Royal family trying to escape

    Royal family trying to escape
    Royal family tried to escape to the fortress at Montedy. They were wanting to escape because they were under physical violence.They were forced to move by angry mobs. They wanted to escape to make contact with the people. Allthough they were unsuccessful with their escape.
  • Austria & Prussia war

    Austria & Prussia war
    France had war between german confederation under leadership of Australian empire & kingdom of prussia.Major result was a shift in power among german states. It resulted in Italian Arrexation of Australian Province. Austria & Prussia had anticipated this reaction. They were worried about on going Frebch Revolution.
  • King being killed

    King being killed
    King Louis XVI was killed for a few reasons. He was arrested & interned in the temle prison with his family. He was tried for high treason before national convention & condemed to death. His execution made him the first victom of the reign of terror. He was then killed in the gullitene in front of his whole kingdom.
  • Reign of terror

    Reign of terror
    Reign of terror was a period of violence that occured after the onset of the french revolution.The gullitene became a symbol of revolutionary cause. Roman catholic church was against the revolustion. French priests were imprisoned & executed. Terror was designed to fight the eneies of the revolution to prevent counter revolution from gaining ground.
  • Napolean becoming french leader

    Napolean becoming french leader
    Napolen Bonaparte was a french military & political leader during the latter of the french revolution. His legal reform Napoleonic code was a major influence on civial law. Best remembered for his role in wars led against france. french invasion of russia marked turning points in his fortunes. He is regarded as one of the greatest military commanders of all time.