The French Revolution

  • Estates-General

    The king ,Louis XVI, agreed to covene the Estates-General in the year of 1789 in May. This is the first time ever since 1614.
  • Reconstruction of Ministery

    Reconstruction of Ministery
    The King banishes the minister, Necker, and reconstructs the ministery. Much of Paris and parts of the military joined an open rebellion thinking that this was a beginning of a royal coup.
  • The Storming of the Bastille

    The Storming of the Bastille
    An angry mob reached the Bastille Prison and realsed seven prisioners after hours of fighting. Then accused and killed Jacques de Flesselles with treachery.
  • " Long Live the King "

    " Long Live the King "
    When the king returned from Versailles, he accepted the tricolore cockade. It changed " Long live the nation" to " Long live the King." Many nobels began fleeing the country. They began to plot civil wars against the country.
  • Feudalism goes "poof "

    Feudalism goes "poof "
    The National Assembly abolished feudalism. In just a few hours , this took away many special rights of nobels,clergy, towns, proviences, companies, and cities.
  • Women's March to Versailles

    Women's March to Versailles
    A huge crowd of women, demanding bread for their families, marched to the city soaking wet from the rain. The king promised to go back to Paris and pass out bread to the women. It was the last time he ever saw varsallies.
  • March to Versailles

     March to Versailles
    The people of Paris marched on Versailles in 1789. After many minor battles and incidents, the royal family and it's king alowed themselves to be brought back to Paris.
  • From Assembly to Nation

    From Assembly to Nation
    The Assembly adressed their financial problems by having the nation take over the property of the church, with all the church's expenses.
  • King tries to flee

    King tries to flee
    The king fleed to join the nobels in exile.Howevery did not succeed.
  • King is arrested and excuted

    King is arrested and excuted
    King Louis XVI was arrested at his palce in France. Three days later he was sent to prision. Then was excuted in fron of a croud of people who hoped for a better era from his death.