The French Revolution

  • Period: to

    French Revolution

  • Beginning of 7 year war

    A fight broke out causing the 7 year war.
  • Corronation of Louis 16

    The day he became king.
  • Start of the American war of independence

    America fought for independence.
  • Proposal

    Colonne makes a financial proposal.
  • France declares war agaist Great Britain.

    Decided to go to war.
  • Jacques Necker mde the french believe the finances were good.

    Tricked the french.
  • End of war.

    The treaty of paris ends war.
  • Finances aren't good.

    King Louis 16 finds out finances are bad.
  • Discussion of finances.

    The assembly of notables meet and discuss he financial crisis.
  • colonne gets dismissed.

    Louis 16 dismisses colonne completely.
  • assembly of notables ended.

    The first assembly of notables ended.
  • criminal proceedings towards colonne.

    Louis 16 innitiates criminal proceedins towards colonne.
  • Goislard and D'Epremsnil get arrested

    Arrested for being against the government.
  • revellion rages

    causes low wages and starvation.
  • DRM condemned

    Pope Pius condemns the DRM
  • paris is back.

    reorganization of paris.