The French Revolution

  • Period: to

    The rule of King Louis

  • King louis first day

    King louis first day
    KIng Louis gained pwer on Augest 23 1754. People at first thought he would be a good king. But after that they knew they were wrong. After he made a few bad choices people started to see hi as a symbol for tyrenny.
  • King louis gets married

    King louis gets married
    Marie Antoinette was the woman who foolishly married King Louis. She married him a year after he got his power. The two of them were really young when they got married, Marie was only 15! What she did not know was that the king was not the kind of person that like o ake love.
  • The National Assembly

    The National Assembly
    The National Assembly was created by a group called the 3rd estate. They were the people of Franch that had to pay all the taxes. The 3rd estate was tired of paying all the taxes so they created a group of called the National Assembly so the could stop that.
  • The tennis court oath

    The tennis court oath
    This oat was a pledge that was singhed by 576 out of 577 members of the National Assembly. They said that they would not rest until they got the rights that all people deserve. It was called the tennis court oath because the room they have meetings in was locked so they held a meeting in a tennis court.
  • The storming of the Bastille

    The storming of the Bastille
    This was a famous da during the French revolution. A huge mob marched to the Bastille so they could get gunpowder and supplies. They also were looking for prisoners that were put away because of king Louis. The mob was to strong to fight off and they got what they wanted.
  • The Declaration of the rights of man

    The Declaration of the rights of man
    The declaration of the rights of man were created by the national assembly. They made them because they were tired of being mistreated by the king. They were very proud of themselves whe they made the rights but they had trouble getting them passed.
  • The Bread M/arch

    The Bread M/arch
    The bread march was an important event during the French Revolution. It happened because people were tired of starving to death because of lack of food. The interesting part is that the mob was made up of women. They marched and stole food from stores so they got what they wanted.
  • No more Religion

    No more Religion
    The National Assembly removed all religious icons and anything that has to do with religion. The leader of the national assembly came to the decision that he would become the new religious icon for people to worship. Eventually people became tired of that so they just stoped worshiping him.
  • Rights for Blacks

    Rights for Blacks
    Soon after the national assembly creates the declaration of the rights of man. They decided to creat rights for black slaves as well. They felt that it was good that citizens have rights but not black slaves. The assembly worked real hard and soon got rights for everybody.
  • King Louis tries to escape France

    King Louis tries to escape France
    King Louis was real tired of having to sign papers that would keep on taking his power. He finally chose to get his family and get out of France. He gathered his family and dress up as peasents and leave in the cover of night but he failed.
  • The start of the war between France and Prussia

    The start of the war between France and Prussia
    This war was the start of a long blood shead. This war was started because the people of Prussia were angry woth how the people were treating the king. They sent France a note of warnong to stop treating Louis the way they were. Thats when France really got mad and the start of the war.
  • The Death of King Louis

    The Death of King Louis
    King Louis was put on trial not long after him and his family tried to escape France. When he entered the room people were not on his side so there was a small chance of him winning. When he was sentenced to death and taken to the gillotine the end of king Louis finally came.
  • Reign of Terror

    Reign of Terror
    The Reign of Terror was a terrible time during the French Revolution. The leader of the national assembly was starting to worry that he was starting to lose control of the people. So they decided that they would use fear to control the people. This lead to a long and horrible blood shead. That lead tto the death of Ropespierre.
  • Failure of the constitutional monarchy

  • Thermidorian Reaction

    Thermidorian Reaction
    This was an event where people rebelled against Ropesperrie. The people of France were tired of him after the reign of terror. They decided to team up with the national assembly to take down Ropespierrie. After they executed him the national assembly was rebuilt with people who survived the reign of terror.
  • Napoleons Rule

    Napoleons Rule
    Napoleon Bonapart was an army general who also was a genius. When he first went to millitary school he was not the most beloved person. The reason being that he was so short and he was not from France. For a long time he lead the French army to victory untill Louis the 16 was killed. So he decided to step in and take his place.
  • Battle of Waterloo

    Battle of Waterloo
    This was a battle where the great Napoleon was not good enough to win. He lead an imperial French army that was defeated. After the battle Napoleon lost his power because people thought it was a terrible loss for him. That did not stop him because soon he came back to claim back his power.