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The French Revolution

  • Estates General

    Estates General
    Estates General Meeting Louis XVI is suggested to meet the Estates General by former finance minister Jacques Necker, to hear grievances.
  • Period: to

    Moderate Stage

    Food prices escalate, riots throught France, and many crops weren't able to be harvest. Harvests have failed and starvation stalks France, the peasantry are in open and continuing revolt across the country.
  • Estates Meeting

    Estates Meeting
    Louis XVI meets with the Estates General.
  • Tennis Court Oath

    Tennis Court Oath
    Tennis Court Oath Third Estate had decided to break from the Estates General and wanted to make up their own constitution. On June 20, 1789 they were locked out of their regular meeting place, and so they gathered at a nearby tennis court and vowed that they would continue to meet until they had established a new constitution for France.
  • Costituent Assembly

    National Assembly National Assembly named itself Constituent Assembly
  • National Guard

    National Guard
    National Guard 50,000 citizens arm form the National Guard
  • Bastille

    [Storming the Bastille](http:/ Citizens arm themselves with pikes and capture the Bastille.
  • National Guard Commander

    National Guard Commander
    Lafayette was appionted the commander of the National Guard
  • The Third Estate

    The Third Estate
    Accepting the proposition of the delegate Abbe Sieyes, the Third Estate names itself The National Assembly. Also, it invites the other two Orders to join in this new body of the nation.
  • Period: to


    National Assembly decrees abolition of feudaliam
  • Class Privileges

    Class Privileges
    Class Privileges On the night of August 4, the delegates rose one by one to propose new reforms and to surrender class privileges.
  • Man's Rights

    Man's Rights
    Declaration of the Rights of Man National Assembly creates The Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen
  • Women's Demands

    Women's Demands
    Women March to Versailles Women went to the King in Versailles demanding for bread.
  • King Returns

    The King returned back to Pairs with the women
  • Church's Property

    Church's Property
    National Assembly exproriated the Church property
  • Civil Disabilities

    Removed civil disabilities against the Jews
  • Orders and Vows

    Orders and Vows
    Stoppage of religious orders and vows
  • Nobility and Titles

    Abolition of nobilty and titles
  • Inauguration

    Louis XVI inaugurated the Civil Constitution and subordinated the Church to the civil government.
  • Period: to

    Food Shortages

    Food riots go around Paris
  • French Assembly

    French Assembly
    Comte de MirabeauMirabeau was elected the President of the French Assembly
  • Royal Guilds and Monopolies

    Royal Guilds and Monopolies were abolished.
  • Black French Citizens

    Black French Citizens
    Black citizens of French colonies were granted legal rights
  • The Flee of Louis XVI

    The Flee of Louis XVI
    The King Flees Louis XVI attempted to flee to Varennes, but he was reconized and he was forced to go back to Paris.
  • Louis XVI gets his Rights Back

    Louis XVI gets his Rights Back
    The National Assembly says that the King didn't violate any laws and they give him his right back.
  • Protesters Fired At

    Protesters Fired At
    After the King got his rights back the citizens wern't happy and started to protest and the National Guard fired on them.
  • Constitution Accepted

    Louis XVI accepted the constitution.
  • Contitute Assembly

    The Constitute Assembly dies out.
  • Legislative Assembly

    Legislative Assembly
    Legislative Assembly The Legislative Assembly begins.
  • War is Declared

    War is Declared
    War on Austria France declared war on Austria and they flee when they see their enemy
  • Jacobin Insurrection

    Jacobin Insurrection
    The Jacobins continues to defy the National Assembly
  • Duke of Brunswick

    Duke of Brunswick
    Duke of Brunswick callf allied attack on France.
  • Jacobin Massacre

    Jacobin Massacre
    Jacobins go to Tuileries Palace,massacring the Swiss Guard, and imprisong Louis XVI
  • Marquis de Lafayette

    Marquis de Lafayette
    Lafayette flees to Austria
  • Royalist Riots

    Royalist Riots
    There were royalist riotsin the Vendee.
  • Georges Danton

    Georges Danton
    Georges Danton lead the massacre of about 1,200 Royalists held in Parisian prision.
  • France Victory

    France Victory
    The French defeat Valmy who invaded them.
  • Natonal Convention

    Natonal Convention
    National Convention The National Convention was elected and was to provide a new constitution for the country after the overthrow of the monarchy on August 10, 1792.
  • Edict of Ferternity

    Edict of Ferternity
    Edict of Fraterity offers ais to subject peoples.
  • Trial

    Trail of the Louis XVI
  • The Execution

    The Execution
    Louis XVI is executed.
  • Period: to

    Radical Stage

    The Reign of Terror. There was a struggle between bougeois and proletariat.
  • War is Declared

    War is Declared
    France declares war on Britian and Holland
  • Food Riots

    Food Riots
    There are food riots in Paris
  • Committee of Public Safety

    Committee of Public Safety
    Committee of Public Safety was established.
  • Jean Paul Marat

    Jean Paul Marat
    Marat Marat put on trail for complicity in September massacre but is acquitted.
  • Bread Price

    Bread Price
    They put a maxium price limit on bread.
  • Explosion of Girondists

    Explosion of Girondists
    There was an explosion of Girondists (the party of compromise) from all offices. Then the commune of Paris became the center of power.
  • Jacobin Constition

    The Jacobin Constitution was accepted by the Convention.
  • Marat's Death

    Marat's Death
    Marat's Death Marat was murdered by Charlotte Corday
  • Croday's Execution

    Croday's Execution
    Corday was executed he was surrounded with popular outrage
  • Law of Suspects

    Law of Suspects
    The Law of suspects intiates the terror
  • Marie- Antoinette

    Marie- Antoinette
    Marie- Aroinette tried an was executed
  • Girondists Execution

    Girondists Execution
    Twenty- two Girondists tried and was executed
  • Festival

    Theree was a festival of liberty and reason.
  • Republic of Virtue

    Republic of Virtue
    Republic of Virtue Robespierre made a statement about his political theory.
  • Maximilian Rosespierre, Committee of Public Saftey & Jacobin Club

    Maximilian Rosespierre, Committee of Public Saftey & Jacobin Club
    Maximilian Rosespierre, the Committee of Public Saftey, and theJacobin Club declared that th Hebertist and Dantonist press charges and execute all the popular leaders. Robespierre became the dictator.
  • Supreme Begins

    Supreme Begins
    Robespierre Robespierre was in charge of the Revolutionary Tribunal and ordered the execution of 2,400 people in Paris by July 1794. Maximilian Robespierre made the new religion of Supreme begin.
  • Prairal

    There were procedures for the the big trial and the execution. The victims will go 50 at a time to the guillotine and will be executed. 2,750 at a estimate are to be executed and the majority of them are the poor.
  • Thermidor

    The Convention arrest Robespierre. He attempts insurrection, but isn't successful. Maximilian is then arrested and executed. After 150 of his supports are executed, the terror was over.
  • Jacobin Club Suppressed

    Jacobin Club Suppressed
    The Convention put the Jacobin Club to an end.
  • Churches Re-open

    Churches Re-open
    The Christian worship churches re-opened.
  • Period: to

    The Reaction Stage

  • Dauphin and Louis XVIII

    Dauphin and Louis XVIII
    Dauohin dies in prison and Comete de Provence tale the title Louis XVIII.
  • Commander of the French Army

    Commander of the French Army
    Napoleon assumes command of French army in Itay
  • Battle of Lodi

    Battle of Lodi
    Napoleon fought in Italy
  • Mantua

    It was the begining of the seige of mantua
  • Peace of Leoben

    Peace of Leoben
    The peace treaty of Leoben was signed
  • Gracchus Babeuf

    Gracchus Babeuf
    Gracchus Babeuf and his supporters are convicted, but they take their own lives.
  • Cisalpine Republic

    Cisalpine Republic
    The Cisalpine Rebuplic was established
  • Campo Formio

    Campo Formio
    Treaty of Campo Formio was established
  • Period: to

    Napoleonic Stage

  • Pyramids

    The Battle of the Pyramids.
  • Battle of Nile

    Battle of Nile
    Nelson's victory at the Nile isolates Napoleon in Egypt
  • Brumaire

    Napleon Bonaparte was named First Consul adn became an effective dictator.
  • Emperor Napoleon

    Emperor Napoleon
    Napolean is chosen to be the emperor