The French Revolution

By nadia _
  • Louis XVI convokes État-général on suggestion of former finance minister Jacques Necker, to hear grievances

  • Opening of the État-général at Versailles.

  • Armed citizens storm and capture the Bastille.

  • Women lead delegation to King in Versaille demanding bread. After scuffles, they are fobbed off by the King

  • Civil Constitution, subordinating the Church to the civil government, inaugurated by Louis XVI

  • Royalist riots in the Vendée, Britanny; armies suffer setbacks at Langwy and Verdun.

  • King formally accepts Constitution.

  • Legislative Assembly commences.

  • King vetoes Assembly’s ruling on émigrés.

  • French forces defeat the invading force at Valmy. Henceforth the Revolution would enjoy victory in its military conflicts.

  • Popular riots in Paris.