The French Revolution

  • Social & Politicial system of France

    The old regime remained in place. The people of France where divided into 3 large social classes: First Estate, Second Estate & third Estate
  • Dept of France

    France sank in dept with Louis XVI and Marie Antoniette spendings.
  • France economy

    France economy was in decline. Bad weather caused widespread crop failaures. Which caused severe shortage of grain.
  • no loan of money

    The bank refused to lean money since Louis used all of the money to help the american revolution.
  • Population

    By 1787 the population of France was: *First Estate(church)-less than 1% *Second Estate(nobles)-2% of the people *Third Estate(bourgasie)-97% of the people.
  • Bread price rises

    The price of the bread doubled. The people faced starvation.
  • National Assembly

    Emmanuel- Joseph Sieyes suggested that the Third Estate ma,ed themselfs the national assembly and pass laws and reforms in the name of the french people. After a long debate the delegates agreed by a big mayority.
  • Tennis Court Oath

    Third estate delegates found themselfes locked out of their meeting room. They broke down a door to an indor tennis court of the Versailes.
  • Attac o the Bastille

    Rumors flew some people thought that Louis was using the Swiss guards to dismiss the National Assembly. Others that the foreign troops were coming to Paris to massacre French citizens. People began to gather weapons in order to defend the city against attack. A mob stormed the Bastille and they took control of it.
  • The Asembly reforms france

    The night the noblemen wanting liberty and equalty. Motivated by fear joined other members of the national Assembly in taking away feudal pivaleges of the 1 & 2 esates.The next day the old regime did not exist.
  • Rights of man

    Declaration of the rights of man was their revolutionary ideal. "Liberty, Equalty, Fraternity"
  • A great fear sweeps france

    A wave of senceless panic caused by wild rumors that nobles were hiring putlaws to terrorize the peasants. Troughthe rising of breads price 10,000 of woman marched with weapons in veasiles. They demanded the National Assembly to provide bread. They turned their anger on the king & quen breaking into the alace & killing some of the guards. The women demandes that Lous and Marie returned to Paris
  • A state controlled church

    The national assembly's early reforms focused on the church. They took over the churchs lands and declared that churchs officials & priest were to be elected and paid as states officials.
  • Newspaper Le Pere Duchesne

    First edition of radical newspaper Le Pere Duchesne printed by Jacques Hebert.
  • Louis tries to escape

    The national Assembly restructured the relationship between church and state. He knew he & his family were in dangered so the royal family tried to escape from France to the Austrian anaetherlsnds, however they were cought and his attempt to escape gre hs enemies in the goverment.
  • A limited monarchy

    The national Assembly completed the new constitution. This created a limited constitutional monarchy and created a new Legislative Assembly
  • Factions Split France

    Despite the new goverment they still had old problems. This caused the legislative Assembly to split in 3 general groups: *Radicals-they sat on the left side of the hall; oposed the idea of moarchy *Moderates-sat in the center of the hall; wanted some changes but not as many as the radicals *Conservatives-sat on the right side, limite dmonarchy and few changes
  • War and Execution

    Monarchs and nobles in Europe feared that their people may take ideas and also start a revolution against them, as a result some countries took action; Austria and Prussia urged the French to restore Louis to his position as an absolute monarch. The legistativeresponded by declaring war.
  • France at war

    The guillotine was introduced.
  • France at war

    France invades Belgium.
  • France at war

    The people invaded the Toileries, the palace the royal family was staying. The mob massacred the royal guards and imprisioned Louis, Marie and their Children.
  • September Massacres

    Angry citizens raided the prisons and murder over 1,000 prisioners.
  • Jacobins take control

    Most of the people involved in the govermental changes in september 1792 were member of a radical political organization called the jacobins. Jean Paul Malarat one of the most promiment member.
  • Begining of the 1700

    France was considered the most advanced country of Europe.
  • Meeting of the Estates

    A meeting was helled to aproove or disaproove Louis solution to impose taxes on the second estate. The first in 175 years.