The French Revolution

  • Meeting of the Estates

    Representatives of the Estates-Generals meet together for the fiirst time in 175 years.
  • The begining.

    A mop of Parisians attacked the prison of Bastille for weapons.
  • Feudal dues that peasants owed to land owners lifted.

    The National Assembly lifts the feudal dues and services that peasants owe to land owners.
  • A new constitution.

    The National Assembly finished thier constitution.
  • Austria and Prussia step in.

    Austria and Prussia issue a declaration warning against harming the French monarchs and hinted that it may provoke a war.
  • Radicals are in control.

  • King executed to ensure the death of the monarchy.

    King was executed to make sure that the monarchy will not come back.
  • Reign of Terro began.

  • Robespierre taken into custody.

  • Another constitution.

    The National Assembly writes another constitution,