The French Revolution

  • Estates General - P, France

    The E.G. was called because the Financial Crisis could not be solved. Had not been called since 1614
  • Period: to


  • Royalty - P, France

    Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette were the Royal family in power at the time. Both were looked upon badly.
  • Jacobins - R, P FRANCE

    Part of 3d estate. Most advanced political group. Ideas from Rousseau Social Contract
    Girondists = form of Jacobins, less extreme
  • Estates - P, S - France

    Three different estates 1st Estate - Clergy 2nd Estate - Nobility/aristocrisy 3rd Estate - everyone else!
  • Doleances - P, S France

    List of Grievances presented by E.G. to king, wanted more rights, wanted more free press
  • Assignats - P, R - France

    Gov't beonds, assem. issued more to get rid of debt but inflation went up so prince went down.
  • Riots - S, E - FRANCE

  • Tennis Ct. Oath - P, France

    Gave oath not to leave Tennis Ct. until constitution was created
  • Great Fear - S, P

    Peasant uprising. Chateaux burned. Peasnants determined to take control.
  • Thermidorian Reaction - S, P - FRANCE

    Things return to "normal",
    'white terror' = those associated with R of T executed
    Cath. returns, as do regular gender roles
    Directory = 2/3 come from Convention
  • Reign of Terror - S, P, E - FRANCE

    Republic of Virtue - based of Rousseau's Social Contract, " to sacrifice oneself for the good of the republic,"
    Robbespierre - 'head' of Commit. for Pub. safe. strict republican. Did not support war, but supported Repub. of virt.
    Tribunals = "enemies" of state, but soon tried anyone without good evidence