The French Revolution

By mcourso
  • The Estates General is Called

    Meet at Versailles, and was called because of the financial crisis, where all three estates of France meet to approve taxes and solve financial problems.
  • Tennis Court Oath

    After being locked out of the Estated General Meeting the 3rd estate along with some members of the 1st and 2nd estates met at the tennis court next door, where they swore an oath not to dismiss from until a new constitution was written.
  • Bastille Day

    The French Independence Day. The people stormed Bastille castle which was the symbol of political oppression.
  • Declaration of Rights of Man

    Was passed by the national assembly, whom swore the tennis court oath, which recognized the rights of man.
  • Civil Constitution of the Clergy

    Raised money, and ended special priveleges for the clergy. Created a new church structure.
  • Trial of Louis XVI

    Louis XVI is put to trial after attempting to flee from France.
  • The death of Louis XVI

    Louis XVI is charged with treason and beheaded.
  • Period: to

    The Reign of Terror

    A period of unrest by the Jacobins in which mass executions took place on the enemies of the Frencg Revolution.
  • 9th of Thermidor

    Ended the Reign of Terror in which its Jacobin leader Maximilon Robespierre was arrested and guillatined.