The French Revolution

By jontara
  • Estates General is called

    It was held at Versailleds. There were representatives from all three estates there to approve new taxes.
  • Tennis Court Oath

    The meeting where the representatives of the new Assembly vowed to not disband until they have a written constitution for France.
  • Bastille Day

    The French Independence Day when the revolutionaries captured the Bastille.
  • Declaration of the Rights of Man

    Passed by the National Constitutional Assembly, it was based on the concept of Soveriegn Nation.
  • Civil Constitution of the Clergy

    Its purpose was to raise money and to end special privileges of the Clegy, and it created a new Church structure.
  • Period: to

    Reign of Terror

    A time during the revolution when the government killed thousands of people to defend the revolution.
  • Death of Louis XVI

    Louis XVI was charged with treason and guillotined.
  • 9th of Thermidor

    The enemies of Robespierre united in the convention. Robespierre was arrested and guillotined.