The French Revolution

  • Meeting the Estates General

    Meeting  the Estates General
    King luis the XVI planned a meeting the following spring for the 3 estates. The 3rd estate created the national asssembly. This was important because king Luis wanted to have the estates vote for as one but it never actually happened.
  • Creation of the National Assembly

    Creation of the National Assembly
    When the 3rd estates refused king Louis ordered the 3rd estate to follow the rules of voting, they proclaimed themselves a legislature the National Assembly with the right to make laws for France. After the creation of the National Assembly the 3 estate was removed from their meeting place in the meeting. After being removed the meeting they held their meeting in a tennis court and swore the Tennis Court Oath.
  • Storming of the Bastille

    Storming of the Bastille
    A mob of Parisans went to the Bastille an ancient prison looking for weapons. The National Assembly wanted to arm themselves beccause they heard rumors of the king wanting to put armed forces in the city. They wanted to prtect themselevs against any actions the king might take. In the storming of Bastille the mob killed the commander of the prison. and took the weapons. This was a symbolic victory in the French Revolution.
  • Declaration of the rights of Man and of the Citizen

    Declaration of the rights of  Man and of the Citizen
    The Declaration of the Rights of \Man and of the Citizen was teh basic principles of liberty, equality, and faternity. The french got the idea from the United States after they heard they broke free of the British rule. It was another step taken by the 3rd estate to create equality amongest the people. Thier document guaranteed freedom of speech, religion, and the press.
  • Creation of the National Convention

    Creation of the National Convention
    The National Assembly voted itself out of exisstence and called for a new legislature, The National Convention.The violent acts that accured in August put the radical faction or those who favored extreme change in control. The National Convention first act was was to abolish monarchy and to declar France a republic.
  • Period: to

    Reign of Terror

    The reign of terror continued on from the year 1793 to 1794. The reason was to abolish the enemies of France and to protect the country from invasions from outside countries. In nine months the guillotine took the heads of 16,000 that were "enemies of France." France no longer needed executions after 1794 because France was successful against their enemies.
  • Execution of the King

    Execution of the King
    The National Convention sentenced King Louis the XVI to death for crimes against the french people. He was to be excecuted on the 21st of January. Marie Antoinette was also executed on October 16 1793 later that year at the guillotine. She was killed during the Reign of Terror.
  • Coup d'etat

    Coup d'etat
    Napolean got his power because of this he used a forced transfer of power. This event was known as coup d'etat. The directory had grown weak and ineffective. Some french realized that other nations might oppose them like Great Britain, Austria, aga9iinst France. Fearing rhis conspiratos began plotting on how naploean would seize power.