the french revolution

  • birth

    king louis the 16th was born on august 23, 1754 and is the son of king louis the 15th
  • the Marriage

    At the age of 15 king louis the 16th married a 14 year old Marie Antionette and which this marrige help create an allancie with Austria
  • King louis becomes king

    King louis becomes king when king louis the 15th dies
  • The National Assembly

    it was created by the 3rd esate because they keep paying taxes and wasnt represented good engough
  • The Tennis Court Oath

    The National Assembly promised to keep meeting until they finished the Decloration of the Rights of Man
  • The Bastile Attack

    Thousands of Parisans stormed the Bastile in Paris for gun powder for their muskets.
  • Decloration of the Rights of Man

    it was about the 3 rights of man tht france had 1.speech 3.equal rights
  • The Royal Family Escapes

    King Louis 16, Marie Antoinette, and their two children try to escape the palace in France dressed as servents.
  • Change of Government

    France Changes there governement from a absolute Monarchy to a Consitutional Monarchy after King Louis accepts the document given by the National Assembly.
  • Frances War

    they was Having War wit Austria and Prussia and they was losing
  • King Louis 16 is executed

    King Louis was sent to the guillotine
  • Marie Antoinette is Executed

    Marie Antoinette was sent 2 the guillotine
  • robspeierre is dead

    Maximillion Robespierre and many others were accused of tyranny
  • Napolen leads France

    He was only 30 years old when he overthrew the French Government.