The French Revolution

  • King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette's marriage

    King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette's marriage
    King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette were arranged to be married. Marie was 14 when she was wedded and King Louis XVI was 15. Their French wedding was held at the Versailles in the Chapel royal. Her dress was made of nothing but diamonds and pearls. They didn't consummate their marriage till seven years later.
  • King Louis XVI becoming king.

    King Louis XVI becoming king.
    When King Louis XVI became king he had to pick a way to govern France. He decided to build a strong, efficient, capable of rivalize with the English, maritime arsenal. There was a terrible economic crisis while Louis XVI was in power, The price of flower and bread were raising sharply. People were raging in some areas more the others. His won court had no respect for him at all.
  • Marie Antoinettes death

    Marie Antoinettes death
    Marie was treated very poorly while in jail. She was sent to death at the guillotine. When it came time for her death they cut off all her hair and she was taken down the streets in a jail cart only to hear the horrible things people had to say about her.
  • Creation of The National Assembly

    Creation of The National Assembly
    The National Assebly was a was a traditional body between the Estates general and the National Constituent. Their members had been elected to represents the estates and there financial problems.
  • Tennis Court Oath

    Tennis Court Oath
    The Tennis Court Oath was a result of the growing discontent of the Third Estate in France. The men of the third estate were supporters of the reform and were anxious to meet to discuss these measures. When they went to meet in the meeting hall , they found it locked against me , so they promised to meet at a tennis court indoors near untill they finished writing the Declaration of Mans Rights.
  • Attack of the Bastille

    Attack of the Bastille
    A huge bloodthirsty mob marched the Batille in search of gun poweder and prisoners that had been capture. The rumors from the goventment and the bitterment from starvation were to much for the angry crowds. The Bastille had been prepared for weeks for the attack however the enraged Paris commune was to defiant.
  • The Declaration of Rights of Man.

    The Declaration of Rights of Man.
    The french people orginized the National Assembly, believeing that the ignorence , neglect , or contempt of the rights of man are the main cause of the corruption of goverments. They put together a document stating a mans natural rights .
  • The great army of Napoleon

    The great army of Napoleon
    Napoleon was one of the greatest generals ever talked of. He had a very strong army and he made all the right desisions. He conqured many places and left his relitives in charge of those places.
  • Attempted exscape of the royal family

    Attempted exscape of the royal family
    Marie and King Louis 16 were forced to leave to live under house arrest in the Tulieres Palace. King Louis xvi was also forced to sign away most of his power. Their escape plans was hatched by several royal supporters. After they were reconised and taken back into cusody after their plan had been ruined , King Louis was sent to death at the guillotine.
  • France vs. Prussia/Austria

    France vs. Prussia/Austria
    France went to war with Austria and prussia because they where helping the King and Queen planning to escape. France did not want this because then the King and Queen may be able to gain their power back. The war lasted from 1792-1797.
  • King Louis XVII

    King Louis XVII
    Eventhought the monarchy had been disabled king louis XVI's nefew had made his way to king. He tried to take down napoleon and did he orderd his army to kill napoleon but they refused, and killed the king instead.
  • King send to Death !!!

    King send to Death !!!
    King Louis XVI had his head cut off in the guillotine . He was carried there by a carriage like all the other prisoners. He was not aloud to talk nor anything , as he rode by in shame with peopl surrouding him in shame.
  • Reign of terror.

    Reign of terror.
    The reign of terror was a one year time period where 40,00 people were killed for being accused of not believeing in the new constitution. Robespierre was the man in charge and evetually got so carried away the people decided to put him to death as well.
  • Robespierre's death

    Robespierre's death
    Robespierre had a list of people to kill but never told anyone ! When they found out they put him to death. He was very munch liked by the french people for an amount of time though.
  • Napoleon Bonaparte.

    Napoleon Bonaparte.
    Napoleon was very popular ! He made all the enlightment ideas law ( this was called the napoleon code) and he overtrough the french goverment. He was hated by monarchs but was a very good general which also made him popular with the french people.
  • Napoleons defeat !

    Napoleons defeat !
    Napoleon was defeated in 1814 for the first time. He was sent to exile on the island of Elba. He swam back to France and is captured again and sent to exile for good on the island of St. Helena in southern Atlantic.