the french revolution

  • king louis married

    king louis married
    king louis 16 got married may 16 1770, their french wedding was held at Versailles in the Chapel Royal here dress was design in diamonds.
  • became king

    became king
    king louis became king in 1774 , after he was crowned he had remitted some of the most oppressive taxes and instituted financial and judicial reforms.
  • supreme

    The day of inauguration of the Supreme Being.
  • tennis court oath

    tennis court oath
    the tennis court oath was a result of growing discontent of the Third Estate in France in the face of King Louis XVI's desire to hold on to the country's history of absolute government.
  • national assembly

    national assembly
    the national assembly was created in june 20, 1789 the members take tennis oath to create the new constitution .also the National Assembly declares itself Constituent Assembly.
  • bastille attacked

    bastille attacked
    the bastille was being attacked on morning on july 14, what happended was a mob marched in the bastille and they was searching for gun powder and prisoners that had been takein away.
  • royal family escape

    royal family escape
    Louis XVI and his family tried to flee France but were arrested. the couldnt get out because most of the supporters found out about it .
  • france vs. austria and prussia

    france vs. austria and prussia
    the france went to war against austria and prussia because the coalition consisted mainly them to , but also austria retreated the lost ,
  • regin of terror

    regin of terror
    the regin of terror lasted from sept 1793 until the fall it was suppose to prtect the country of all incaders comming .
  • riots

    Popular riots in Paris.
  • napoleon bonaparte

    napoleon bonaparte
    napoleon was a famous military and political leader of history with achievements.
  • committee

    the Committee of Public Safety and Jacobin Club denounce the Hébertists and Dantonists on framed-up charges .
  • insitituted

    White Terror instituted in the South
  • italy

    Napoleon assumes command of French army in Italy
  • the guillontine

    the guillontine
    king louis was killed on jan 21 1983, he was excuted in front of the people of france who was saluted his death as the beginning of a better era. also the was sentance to the guillontine .
  • creation of the declaration

    creation of the declaration
    the representation of the frenc people had set up an organzied in the national assembly to contemp of the right of men at the sole cause of the public miseries.