the french revolution

  • king Louis the 16th gets married to maria antoinette

    Austria and France had been long time enemies and Maria Theresa and Louis XV thought it might do good to their relationship to have their countries united by a marriage of their grandchildren.Marie Antoinette was 14 years old when she married King Louis on 19 April 1765. They later on had three children.
  • Period: to

    The French Revolution

  • king louis the 16th becomes king

    Louis XVI ruled as King of France from 1774 until 1792.
  • the tenniss couart oath

    The national assembly met in a tenis court and desided to create the Declaration Of rights of men. they desided to take the tennis court oath witch promised they would meet until the declaration was finished.
  • nationall assembly getts created

    The national assembly were the represenatives of the 3rd class. They separated from the represenatives of the 2nd class and 3rd class when they locked them out of room the represenstives met in. They met in a tenis court and desided to create the Declaration Of rights of men.
  • the atack at the bastille

    The Bastille was a prison. The prison only contained seven inmates at the time of its storming, its fall was the start of the French Revolution.
  • creation of declaration of rights of man

    the declaration of rights of man was a declaration that stated the rights of the french men. The national assembly would try to get the king to sign this declaration. The declaration had many ideas from the enlightenment and from our constitution.
  • the woman of france atack Versaille

    woman were mad because bread prices were to high in france and they couldnt feedthere familys. so they gathered brought weapons and planed to atack veraille. once there they said they would leave as soon as they would get the king and queen. When they refused to surender they attacked thepalace and took the king and queen and took them back in there pallace in france were they would stay prisoners.
  • the royal family tries to escape from versaille

    the family allmost makes it to the austrian border but gets caught and is sent back to the palace in france
  • the king and queen acussed of writing letters to austria

    the king and queen were acussed of writing letters to austria tellignthem their key movements in the war.
  • the war against prussia, austria, and greatbritain

  • king louis the 16th is sent to the guilletine and is beheaded

    In 1792 King Louis XVI was tried before the National Convention, where he was found guilty of having conspired against the liberty of the nation. In January of 1793 he was put to death by the Guillotine.
  • reighn of terror

    40000 killed that either dissagreed with the revolution or wernt enthused about it.
  • the queen is tried in trial

    maria antoinette was acussed guilty of aspiring against the revolution.She makes a really good argument and convinced some but not enought to be found not guilty
  • queen of france maria antoinette is beheaded

    maria antoinette is beheaded on the guilletine after she is found guilty at her trial
  • napolean bonapart came to power in france

    nalopean took over france and turned their government into a dictatorship