The First Decade of my Life

  • My Birth

    My Birth
    On September 12, 2000, I was born. The first moments of my life was in Praram 9 hospital in Bangkok, Thailand. When I saw a picture of my mother holding me in the hospital, she looked very happy. I have only been there once, when I was born, as far as I can remember. It had been so long ago that I couldn't remember most things. That would be reasonable because I was still an infant.
  • I Moved to my First House

    I Moved to my First House
    I was only one month old when I moved into my first house. at first, the house had a beautiful green fence and garden. The neighbors were really nice, too. I've been told that not long after we moved in,there was a snake in the front yard! I'm very happy because the snake went away and nobody got hurt. Over the years my house changed. Many items were repainted. I lived there for about 10 years.
  • Airplane "crashes" with World Trade Center

    Airplane "crashes" with World Trade Center
    It was the day before my birthday and I was sleeping in the crib. My dad was watching live news in the same room I was sleeping. Then, my dad was shocked! After seeing a lot of smoke, another airplane "crashes " with the World Trade Center. After that, my dad quickly called my mom to watch the news too. My mom and dad had a conversation afterwards about it.
  • I First Went to School

    I First Went to School
    This ws the day that I first went to school. It wasn't RIS. I can't really remember the name of the school. I was really young so I didn't do a whole lot of learning. It was all basic skills like shapes, lines, etc. People there were very nice. I can't even remember any friends. What I do remember is all the fun I had. I was there for a year or two. After that I moved to another school.
  • My Brother was Born

    My Brother was Born
    When my brother was born, I was so exited! I thought he was very cute. I'm finally going to have a little brother. I have to wait awhile because he can't talk or run around. I was very exited when I was waiting in the hospital. My mom and dad were very happy when I saw them in the room.My cousin and my aunt came too. They were equaly as happy.
  • My First Birthday Party

    My First Birthday Party
    When i was 4, I had the best birthday party. There were many guests. There were lots of smiles. The party was held at my house.There was face painting and a clown. My mom got them at a party program. The bes was the pinyata. Everyone had a a turn but noone made it open. I can't remember who succeeded.CRACK! Candies poured out. Everyone was grabbing all the candy they could find,
  • Asian Earthquke and tsunami

    Asian Earthquke and tsunami
    Not long after my brother was born, there was a big tsunami. When I heard about it, iwas very sad. My brother would be too. Every one would. Lots of things were damaged. It needed a lot of money. I wanted to donate. I didn't have a lot of money. I'm happy that many things are repaired now. We are very lucky.
  • I Moved to RIS

    I Moved to RIS
    I moved to RIS when i was about 6. I was in KG 2. It is ms.Ira's class. I met people like Tini, Flame and Hannah. i got friends on the first day! KG was fun. Nap time was very useful. Sometimes i slept. Other times i did not. We did lots of fun but educational work.
  • I Started Reading Junie B. Jones, my First Chapter Book

    I Started Reading Junie B. Jones, my First Chapter Book
    A friend recommeded this series to me. I think it was Gracie. At first, I didn't want to read it. Then, I liked it! I read and read and read. By the time I was in the middle of secound grade, I read the whole series.
  • My Nail Ripped off from an Accident in New Zealand

    My Nail Ripped off from an Accident in New Zealand
    I was enjoying my time in Nw Zealand when something bad happened. A door closed on my finger! It really hurts. Blood was there, too. We had to wait until we are back in Thailand to treat it. Luckily, we were there fast and my finger got treated.
  • I Lost my first Teeth (I Lost two at a Time)

    I Lost my first Teeth (I Lost two at a Time)
    My two front teeth was wigling. The new teeth was alreaady starting to grow. I knew it was time the 2 teeth needed to be removed. Soon, I went to the dentist's. It was scary at first. Then it got better. The dentist was a nice person. she liked giving me praise and asking if everything was okay. First, she had to check my teeth and decide what to do. That wasn't scary. When I went home, i thought about the experience that i had.
  • My Brother had an Accident with only my Brother, two Maids, and me were in the House

    My Brother had an Accident with only my Brother, two Maids, and me were in the House
    My brother , his nanny, and me wad just playing inthe living room. After a while, my brother's nanny went to the maid because the maid called. My brother was little so he thought his nanny doesn't want to play. I raced out before my brother. My brother was coming out oo but the door was pushed too hard that it swang back. The door hit my brother's forehead. Blood began to stream out and my brother was crying. People began to panic but we remembered to be calm. We put ice on the wound.
  • First Visit to America

    First Visit to America
    My family and i went to visit my Aunt. She lives in Los Angeles, America. It was my first time. My 2 cousins, Joy and Kate were there, too. Joy was 14 years old. Kate is only 1. Kate is a little child that likes things that I don't really enjoy. First, she likes to dip her whole hand or head into a drink or her food. In shorter words, she acts like what most 1 year old does.
  • First visit to a school friend's house

    First visit to a school friend's house
    It was already summer. Pea, May - May, and I are visiting each other. May May was an old friend whose moved to another school. There, we made plays. Another fun thing is havig to play with Pea's dog. There was something that i thought was real cool. we fed Howcome, Pea's dog, Jelly with doggy treats stuck on top, just like a birthday cake. Later, Pea told me Howcome threw up.
  • I Started Reading Series of Unfortunate Events

    I Started Reading Series of Unfortunate Events
    This is one of my favorite books. It is written by Lemony Snicket. It was recomended to me by Mr. Patrick, my 3rd grade teacher. Well not exactly recomended. It's sort of like giving me something too read. Series of Unfortunate Events is 13 books long. Each book has around 200 or 300 pages.
  • Haiti Quake

    Haiti Quake
    When i heard about the quake, I din't feel good. I donated a few baht of my own. I wished situations would get better, which it did. People didn't want this to happen, but it did. it's just part of the natural world that no one can really control. Well, back to the quake. I'm getting off track, i'm always like that. I'm trying to improve though . Anyway, I'm glad things got better. Bye!
  • I Finished Reading Series of Unfortunate Events

    I Finished Reading Series of Unfortunate Events
    After taking much time on the last book,[I was too lazy] I finally finished the series! Here's a summary: Violet, Klaus, and Sunny are orphans. They are sent to many people but all failed. One of the people is a Count. His name is Olaf. Count Olaf is a terrible man. He wishes to steal the orphan's fortune and kill them all. He tries several evil plans but the children managed to escape. The last book ended with a cliff hanger so I'm not sure what happened. Count Olaf died in the end
  • I Went to Grade 4 and Met Ms Stacey and a Few Students

    I Went to Grade 4 and Met Ms Stacey and a Few Students
    I was so exited! I can still remember a bit of it. My class is grade 4-3. There, I met my best friend, Radar. Also , I met some other people including Ms. Stacey. Ms. Stacey is the best fourth grade teacher. Not only is she super nice and really understands us, she doesn't spoil uus or whatever you callit. That means she doesn't always have patience and sends us out if we're being all goofy and silly.
  • I Wrote The Mysterious Graveyard with Radar

    I Wrote The Mysterious Graveyard with Radar
    This story is a fantasy/realistic fiction. At first, Tyra, Radar, and I were writing the story. Then somehow, 2 people were left. We really had fun writing. It is my first fancy publishes peice of work. Music joined us later as an illustrator. Here's a short summary of what happened: Spooky and her family are witches and wizards. She is naughty. Ignoring her mom, Spooky goes to the graveyard and gets into al kinds of trouble. Finally, with the help of her dad, Spooky is back to normal.
  • I Moved into a New House

    I Moved into a New House
    I was so exited about this that I kept repeating it. My mom got so annoyed, she said we we're going to move next year instead of next week. I knew I should have kept quie t. After one week, my mom told my brother and I we we're moving. I was so happy , I quickly ran to admire my new house. It was AMAZING. I can't believe I'm going to live in this sort of palace. There's a pool, 2 and a half floors and nearly everything like my dream house.
  • Christchurch, New Zealand Quake

    Christchurch, New Zealand Quake
    Actually I plan to tell you something that's not directly about the quake. Well, here it goes. Everyone in the class had to present a newspaper article. Mine was about Christchurch, New Zealand . I had to actually read the article so I know a bit about the quake. this quake was one of the most dangerous quake New Zealand had ever had. Many peole took damage.
  • I Made a Rainforest Video with Music

    I Made a Rainforest Video with Music
    We were finishing the rainforest unit. Ms. Stacey told us that we had to do some sort of project. Music and I wanted ours to be different from other people so we chose a news brodcast interview thing. We were having trouble at first. Then, I realived everything was going really well. One of the best parts was when we recorded it. I tried my best, but I made some minor mistakes. The end result was more than I expected. Music and I felt glad that we had an E.
  • Japanese Earthquake

    Japanese Earthquake
    I was just sitting there, whatching the news. Then , my mom pionted out something. The news man was talking about the terrible tragety in Japan. I was super shocked. I felt real sorry for whoever was in there. There are many natural disasters in Japan so I don't really think it was a huge surprise to anyone. Lots of it got better. Some students were presenting their article about this. I got a bit more info on the subject from that. I've made some trips to Japan to know that it is a nice place