The Economic Impact by Covid-19 in 5 years.

Timeline created by Fernanda1723
  • 2020 The Start

    2020 The Start
    This year 2020, experts predict a great crisis especially in Latin America, and that this year is the beginning of the great crisis that will take more than 20 years. Predicting more than one million unemployed people in just one country causing the GDP of Latin America to drop and no one betting on the products and the market of Latin America.
  • 2021 A Pandemic or a Black Swan?

    2021 A Pandemic or a Black Swan?
    Experts debate whether this pandemic is a black swan in the economy hidden as a pandemic. It is speculated that previous events such as the coup in Venezuela and other socio-economic events in Latin America, increase these probabilities. What is a black swan? Simple, it is a very big crisis in the economy that most of the time is not predictable. It could be said that it will be the black swan of the decade.
  • 2022 We could recuperate?

    2022 We could recuperate?
    If the Black Swan appears we will have a massive recession that could be of 10% in Latin America. But, if this Black Swan doesn't appear we could recuperate a 4.3% of the looses we are suffering right now in the Market.
  • 2023 We could Save

    2023 We could Save
    The market will start to recuperate the looses in the market, because we will start to reactive completely the principal and secondary economic activities all countries in Latino America has.
  • 2024 The Creation of a New Hope

    2024 The Creation of a New Hope
    Medicine and economy will be the most transformed and revolutionary sector of Latin America and the world. The Pandemic will transform our lifestyle in all the sector and aspects. Recuperating 14% of the looses.