The Decline of the Roman Empire

By gqarzu
  • 210

    Pax Romana a period of peace ends

  • 300

    christian Church begins organizing itself by regions

  • 312

    Constantine becomes emperor and says the religions for Christians are free

  • 410

    Visgoths capture, loot, and burn Rome

  • 455

    Vandals enter Rome and burn and loot city

  • 476

    Germanic General Odoacer overthrows 14 year old Roman Empire: This date is used from the end of Roman Empire

  • 527

    Justanian Code- he becomes Emperoro and start the legal code

  • Jan 1, 600

    the Bishop Rome

  • Emperor diocletian divides empire into 4 sections for easier rule

  • Visigoths Empire conquer western Roman Empire forces. Wester Empire forces to give up land

  • Emperor theodosius make Christianity the ofiicial religon, he do not accet other

  • Roman Empire divide in Western Roman Empire and Eastern Empire