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Rome Timeline

By samlam
  • 141

    The construction of Temple of Venus and Roma was finished

    The construction of Temple of Venus and Roma was finished
    Another one of Hadrain's great construction. Construct to honor the goddes who bring life to the gods.
  • Period: 206 to 220

    Han Dynasty

    The Han has socail classes that dived the people into different classes with different rights.
  • 212

    citizenship give away

    during 212 a.d Rome was given citizenship to all free man.
  • Period: 220 to


    a time that is full of chaos!!!
  • 324

    West conquered East

    Roman Emperor of East defeated by Roman Emperor of the West, Constantine (first Christian emperor); Byzantium renamed Constantinople & built up by Constantine.
  • 370

    Baribain Invasions

    Baribain Invasions
    A new group of barbain attack the Rome. The new group's name is the Hun.
  • 423

    Fall of Rome

    Fall of Rome
    One of the omst succefull country fall. The Rome,
  • 475

    The westen Rome fall

    The west part of the Rome was sacked by the huns.
  • 476

    move of the capital

    Constantinople considered capital of Byzantine Empire after Rome falls
  • Period: 476 to

    Byzantine Empire

  • 500

    Kingdom of Gona fromed

    Find by sunake peolpe.
  • 527

    Raise the Hagia Sophia

    Constantinople further built up by Emperor Justinian I (e.g., Hagia Sophia, major Christian church; codification of Roman laws)
  • Period: 565 to

    city increasingly Greek in nature

  • Period: 570 to Oct 7, 632


    lays the foundation for the establishment and spread of Islam
  • Period: Nov 18, 700 to

    7th to 8th centuries

    many Arab (Muslim) sieges of city; Byzantine Empire shrunken
  • Oct 17, 750

    Qur'an goes into print

    Muslim bookmakers begin printing the Qur'an and volumes of poetry and prose. Islam and the Arabic language spread dramatically
  • Oct 17, 750

    Muslim use of water power and paper

    Muslims begin using water power for making paper, and constructing canals for transportation and irrigation.
  • Period: Oct 17, 750 to Oct 17, 1250

    Islamic Golden Age

    Islamic culture flourishes as the Golden Age of cooperation between Jews and Muslims in medieval Spain promotes creativity in art, literature, and science.
  • Nov 2, 1050

    Movable type writer is invented in China

    Help China print more books, and other stuffs
  • Dec 6, 1050

    War in Africa, Muslim vs non-Muslim

    African muslim, called Almoravides battle non-muslim.
  • Nov 18, 1054

    The Great Schism

    1054: The Great Schism- break between Rome (papacy) and Constantinople (Greek Orthodox)
  • Nov 2, 1065

    Song dynasty begin

    People have to take a super hard test so they can pass and have a better life serve as a gover guy
  • Period: Oct 17, 1096 to Oct 17, 1291

    A Series of Crusade

    Muslims begin using water power for making paper, and constructing canals for transportation and irrigation.
  • Period: Nov 18, 1100 to Nov 18, 1299

    11th and 12th centuries

    city and empire hurt by Crusades
  • Dec 6, 1203

    SumanGurs takes Gona

    Took over old Gona empire
  • Nov 18, 1204

    taken by Crusaders

    1204: city taken by Crusaders
  • Dec 6, 1225

    Kingdom of Mali estanbish

    One of Africa's greatest trading city
  • Dec 6, 1235

    Sundaita tales back his kingdom

    Sundaita defeat the SunGuro and takes back his kingdom.
  • Period: Nov 4, 1279 to Nov 4, 1368

    Yuan Dynasty/ Mongols

  • Dec 6, 1324

    Mansa Musa Hajj

    600,000 peolpe cross the Saherra Desert, with 30,000 pounds of gold on camels. Trade it all at one of his stop.
  • Period: Nov 4, 1368 to

    Ming Dynasty

  • Period: Nov 18, 1400 to Nov 18, 1499

    14th century

  • Nov 2, 1405

    Zheng He's voyage

    one of the chinese explorer Zheng He help gain new tributary states for China
  • Nov 18, 1453

    Constantinople taken by Ottoman Turks

    1453: city of Constantinople taken by Ottoman Turks (Mehmet, or Muhammad, II); renamed Istanbul, made capital of Ottoman Empire, and revived as center of learning and religious tolerance.
  • Oct 17, 1492

    The Reconquista

    he Spanish conquer Granada, the last Muslim-held city in Spain, after a centuries-long effort to reassert Christian control there.
  • Period: Nov 18, 1520 to Nov 18, 1566

    Sultan Suleiman

    1520–1566 (span): under Sultan Suleiman I, city at its height
  • Period: to Dec 30, 1453

    Rome timeline

  • Marcus Aurelius

    Marcus Aurelius
    Marcus's empire begin from A.D 161-180. The last of the good five empire is dead. Marcus had help defeat some of the germanic tribles.
  • The Pax Romana ends

    With the last good emipre dies. The pax Romana ends.
  • Woman with small feet

    During the 920 woman in China rap around their feet to make them smaller
  • Byzantium splite.

    Byzantium splite.
    Byzantium named by Roman Emperor Diocletian as a new center of Roman
    Empire with power split between Rome (West) and Byzantium (East)
  • Rome is divided.

    Rome is divided.
    The empire Diocletain divided Rome into east and west part.
  • Tang dynasty; intro. for Buddhism

    Buddhism was spread during the Tang dynasty
  • Hadrian is dead

    Hadrian is dead
    One of the third good empire is dead. Hadrain suddenly die two years after he adopted his son, Lucius Aelius. The next Empire is Marcus Aurelius
  • Period: to


    China unite together, like the empire conquer most of the China.
  • Period: to


  • Period: to


  • Period: to


  • Period: to Nov 4, 1279

    Song Dynasty

  • Period: to

    Post Byzantine Empire

    glory of city regained under Emperor Basil I; revival of learning (art and literature: older Greek models); major invasion by Turks
  • Period: to 475

    Byzantiu, and Western Roman Empire