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World History

  • 235

    3rd Century Crisis

    Rome is under a depression and is going downhill from here.
  • 312

    Battle Of Milivan Bridge

    Constantine, despite great odds against him, marches to Milivan Bridge to battle Maxentius and his army, and actually wins, taking control of Rome.
  • 313

    Constantine Converts Rome

    Constantine Converts Rome
    Constantine believes God saved him and his men, so he converted all of Rome. On a side note, the famous gladiator games are ended because of Christian belief.
  • 314

    Edict of Milan

    Constantine grants all Romans religious freedom, and those that are under his control that are not citizens.
  • 323

    Alexander The Great Is No More

    Alexander The Great Is No More
    Alexander the great, aged 32, has conquered much of the known world, and after stopping with India, he partys in Babylon, and dies after a ten day fever, possibly of malaria.
  • 324

    Constantine Moves Roman Capital

    Constantine moves the Roman capital to Contantinople.
  • 330

    Capital Is Moved

    Constantine moves the capitsl of the Roman Empire from Rome to Constantinople.
  • 331

    Alexander The Great Defeats Persia

    Alexander The Great Defeats Persia
    Alexander the Great continues his father's dream and legacy, which is to destroy the Persian Empire. Alexander does this with ease in it's weakened state with Darius.
  • 410

    Alaric I Sacks Rome

    Alaric I Sacks Rome
    Alaric I, the then leader of the Visigoths, sacks Rome, which was no longer the capital, but still important, weaking and exposing the empire.
  • 476

    Dark Ages

    A time in Western Europe when science and economics did not advance as much, and the Catholic church was in political power.
  • 476

    Odacer Establishes Italian Kingdom

    Odacer Establishes Italian Kingdom
    Odacer takes Roman land, and instead of calling himself a Roman emperor, he calls himself King of Italy.
  • 530

    Darius Uniteds Kingdom

    Darius Uniteds Kingdom
    Darius unites the Persian empire after Cryus is dead. He makes more sophisticated laws and makes currency.
  • 532

    Nika Riots

    Nika Riots
    A riot breaks out in Constantinople destroying the Hagia Sophia, and weaking the city with the amount of destruction.
  • 537

    Hagia Sophia Is Built For The Third Time

    Hagia Sophia Is Built For The Third Time
    Justinian rebuilds the Hagia Sophia which was destroyed in the Nika Riots.
  • 546

    Cryus The Great Conquers

    Cryus The Great Conquers
    Cryus conquers the Kingdom of Babylon and starts the Persian empire.
  • Oct 3, 625


    Nebuchadnezzar returns Babylon to glory. His empire covers land from the Persian Gulf all the way to the Mediterranean Sea. He created two of our seven ancient world wonders, The Walls Of Babylon, and the Hanging Gardens.
  • Nov 21, 750

    Homer writes the Illiad and the Odyessy

    Homer writes his epic poems, which are still read today, and have put their mark on culture.
  • Dec 17, 1000

    Neolithic Revolution

    Humanity starts to develop more technologies, including farming and animal domestication.
  • Nov 17, 1020

    Israel B.C.

    Israel B.C.
    The civilization started at this time roughly, with the religion of judaism starting earlier.They did noy start theor own civilization until fter leaving Egypt. David is the one who united the tribes.
  • Dec 17, 1054

    Lay Investiture Controversy

    The Catholic church, and Pope Gregory, no longer want the King picking new Bishops, as the Kings are not part of the church. Much blood is shed over the dispute(s).
  • Dec 17, 1250

    Trojan War

    A war between the Trojans and the Mycenans, is was likely for trade routes, and economic power, but has a lot of myth around it. Myceneans win but are conquered shortly after.
  • Sep 19, 1350


    The Assyrian independent state starts, lasting until the late Iron Age.
  • Nov 5, 1380


    Akhenaten was an egyption Pharoah who tried to make Egypt be montheistic. They were supposed to only believe in Aton under his rule, but the people revolted against him for he tried to radically change his belief.
  • Dec 3, 1400


    The Hittites invent iron working at this time.
  • Nov 20, 1453

    Fall of Constantinople

    Fall of Constantinople
    Constanitinople is destroyed and taken by the Ottomans. This is the the end of Roman Civilization.
  • Nov 5, 1472


    FIrst female ruler. She pushed for a lot of big construction projects and trade routes. She helped restore Egypt to its former glory.
  • Dec 17, 1500

    Knossos Disappears

    Knossos Disappears
    The advanced city of Knossos ceases to exist, with it being a complete mystery even today as to how they vanished.
  • Nov 5, 1540

    New Kingdom

    The New Kingdom of Egypt was the first empire to have a female ruler which was Hatsheput. This period also had Thutmose III who made the borders the biggest.
  • Minoans

    A civilization on the the island of Crete. They were very trade based, and are home to the legend of the minotaur.
  • Moses Leads Them Out Of Egypt

    Moses Leads Them Out Of Egypt
    Moses recieves The Ten Commandments, and helps his fellow Jews escape Egypt which is plagued.
  • Hammurabi

    Hammurabi brings Mesopotamia together under his control. He publishes the first set of laws, which are simple yet fair. Created 300 laws into civil and criminal sects.
  • Christ is Born

    Christ is Born
    Christ is born in Bethleham, and this is just the beginning of the sect of Judaism that is now Christianity.
  • Jesus Dies

    Jesus Dies
    Jesus Christ, the messiah of Christianity dies, and according to the Bible, he was resurrected later.
  • Pax Romana

    This was a peaceful time in Rome, with economy booming, and not much war happening.
  • Roman Empire Begins

    The Roman Empire is born, but the only information we have is a story of two boys, Romulus and Remus, being raised by wolves.
  • Wannsee Conference

    A meeting of high ranking German official, over what to to do about the Jewish population in Germany. The FInal Solution is made, which was sadly to kill all of the Jewish people
  • Romans Conquer Judea

    This Jewish tribe is taken over by the Romans, the first group to say they won't believe in their gods. Rome is okay with this.
  • Jewish Rebellion

    Jewish people rebel against Rome, and actually hold them off for awhile.
  • Middle Kingdom

    Middle Kingdom
    This era was filled with rebillion and corruption. It sis not last long and was conquered by Hyksos.
  • Abraham Makes The Covenant

    Abraham Makes The Covenant
    Abraham makes a covenant with God. As long as the Jewish people, his descendants, followed God's rules, they will be protected.
  • Solomon Builds Temple

    Solomon Builds Temple
    Solomon establishes Jerusalem and builds a temple there.
  • The Jewish Revolt

    The Jewish people were being taxed much too heavily by Solomon and took him out of power.
  • Diocletian Splits Roman Empire

    Diocletian Splits Roman Empire
    DIocletian creates the Tetrachy, which is a four ruler system. After this there is the Eastern and Western Empires.
  • Seige of Andrianople

    Seige of Andrianople
    Andrianople is beseiged by the Goths.
  • Pax Romana

    A somewhat long period of peace in Rome and with little problems until the 3rd century crisis.
  • The Holy Roman Empire Begins

    The Holy Roman Empire Begins
    Otto I of Saxony decides to be allied with the Catholic church and make a new empire, with him being crowned emperor by Pope John XII
  • Phillip II

    Phillip II
    Phillip the II, the King of Macedonia, takes over Athens and Thebes, which jump started his son's later military campaign.
  • Patrician Era of Roman Republic

    Patrician Era of Roman Republic
    THe Roman Republic at this time tries to be fair, with more power to the imporvished people, but they let a dictator take over that actually made the Empire better.
  • Sargon

    Sargon, the ruler of Akkad, conquered Sumeria, and builds the world's first empire. After he dies, the empire falls.
  • Old Kingdom of Egypt

    Old Kingdom of Egypt
    They were ruled by Pharoahs believed to be godly. They had pryamids and a complex social system.
  • Indus

    The Indus people are a new civilization, and are very advanced. They had plumbing and other advancements other civilizations didn't have, They disappear for what seem no reason later on, with natural disaters and invaders seeming to be the reason.
  • Summeria Civilization

    Summeria Civilization
    Summeria is started, one of the first known civilizations. They are based in SE Mesopotamia, which is now modern day Iraq. They created the first form of writing (cuneiform), astronomy, the concept of the hour, and possibly the wheel. They have the first complex religion as well, practicing in temples called Ziggerauts.