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Byzantine Emperors

  • 280

    Constantine the Great is born

    Constantine the Great is born
    Constantine is born in 280 CE in Maissus
  • 305

    Constantine was an imperial soldier for Diocletian

    Diocletian used the sons of his co-emperors for blackmail. Constantine was Constantius (co-emperor of Gaul) son
  • 312

    Constantine the Great reign

    Constantine the Great reigned from 312 CE to 324 CE emperor of the western empire and from 324 CE to 337 Ce he ruled over the Roman Empire. he was declared emperor by the army in 306 CE but he wasn't officially declared emperor until 312
  • 312

    Constantine defeats his biggest enemy

    Constantine defeats Maxentius in CE
  • 313

    Constantine signs the Edict of Milan

    By doing this he made the persecution of Christians illegal.
  • 315

    Constantine reorganized the currency system

    During his reign. Historians don't know the exact year
  • 324

    Constantine - battle of Crysopolis

    this battle was fought18 September 324 at Chrysopolis between Constantine and Licinius who were former allies. After this war Constantine becomes soul emperor.
  • 325

    Constantine makes one of his largest contributions to his faith.

    Constantine makes one of his largest contributions to his faith.
    He did this by calling the council of Nicaea and making a reunion of Bishops to end the disagreement over religion by creating the Nicene Creed.
  • 330

    Constatine- Constantinople

    Constantine moves the capital to the East into modern-day Turkey and names it Constantinople
  • 337

    Constantine the Great dies

    Constantine dies in 337 CE in Ancyrona (modern-day Izmit, Turkey)
  • 347

    Theodosisus I is born

    Theodosisus I is born
    He is born in Cauca in 347 CE
  • 376

    Theodosius marries Aelia Flaccila

    Theodosius marries  Aelia Flaccila
    They have two kids: Pulcheria and Arcadius who is the one meant to follow the throne
  • 378

    Theodosius is called to court

  • 379

    Theodosius I reign

    Theodosius I ruled from 379 to 395 CE.
  • 388

    Theososius defeats Magnus Maximus

    Theososius defeats Magnus Maximus
  • 394

    Theodosius reunites the empire temprarily in 394

  • 395

    Theodosius I makes christianity the official religion

    Theodosius I makes christianity the official religion
  • 395

    Theodosius I dies

    Died in Mediolanum in 395 CE
  • 483

    Justinian I is born

    Justinian I is born
    Justinian is born in Constantinople 483 CE
  • 497

    Theodora is born

    Theodora is born
    Born in 497 CE in Crete or Syria (historians are not sure which location is correct)
  • 525

    Justinian I recieves the title of Ceasar

  • 527

    Justinian I reign

    Ruled from 527 CE to 565 CE
  • 527

    Theodora reign

    Ruled from 527 CE until her death in 548 CE
  • 527

    Theodora- rights women

    During her reign she is mostly remembered for recognizing women rights and helping her husband with laws who benefited women.
  • 527

    Justinian I was made co-emperor with the rank of Augustus

  • 527

    Justinian I - Justian Code

    Justinian I - Justian Code
    Justinian established a set of laws that united the empire. Four books: Codex Constitutionum (527), Digesta (530-533), Institutiones (533) and lastly Novellae Constitutiones Post- Codicem (565)
  • 527

    Theodora becomes empress

    On 1 April 527 CE she is crowned empress along the side of her husband.
  • 527

    Theodora- women rights

    It is said that during her reign along with her husband she recognized women rights and even implemented laws helping women become more independent.
  • 532

    Justinian I - Hagia Sophia

    The Hagia Sophia was a christian church that eventually turned to a muslim mosque built by Justinian I after the Nika Riots. It is also known as the church of Holy Wisdom and was built to give a message and leave a legacy. It was built from 532 to 537
  • 532

    Justinian I - Nika Riots

    the Nika Riot was a revolt held inJanuary, 532 C.E., in Constantinople were Justinian attracted the rebels who were mad for their life conditions and the raised taxes into the Hippodrome and his soldiers massacred.
  • 540

    Theodora - Religion

    In 540 CE she accepted that Jesus Christ was only one devine nature
  • 540

    Theodora- religion

    In 540 Theodora starts to believe that Jesus Christ had only one nature.
  • 541

    Theodora- John of Cappadocia

    It is said that for personal hatred Theodora caused john to be banished from the court in 541.
  • 548

    Theodora dies

    She dies in Constantinople in 548 CE. Her cause of death was cancer or what historians believe.
  • 565

    Justinian I dies

    Justinian I dies in 565 in Constantinople
  • 575

    Heraclius is born

    Heraclius is born
    Born in 575 CE in Cappadocia
  • 610

    Heraclius reign

    Byzantine emperor from 610 CE to 641 CE
  • 610


    In October, 610 CE he is crowned emperor of a crumbling state.
  • 617

    Heraclius Avars

    In 617 or 619 Heraclius made an effort to calm down the Avars so he met them at Thracian Heraclea were they captured him.
  • 625

    Herclius retired

    In 625 Heraclius retired to Anatolia.
  • 627

    Heraclius invades Persia

    Heraclius invades Persia in December 627 were he killed three Persian generals in single combat as well as the Persian commander giving him a victory
  • 630

    Heraclius- Holy Sepulchre

    he restored the cross to the church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem
  • 641

    Heraclius dies

    Heraclius died Feb. 11, 641 CE in Constantinople
  • 752

    Irene of Athens is born

    Irene of Athens is born
    Born in Athens in 752 CE
  • 780

    Irene of Athens reign

    Irene of Athens ruled from 780 CE to 802
  • 781

    Irene of Athens - worship restoration

    Irene permitted the restoration of the worship of icons
  • 782

    Irene- atack order

    In 782, Irene orders Michael Lachanodrakon, Constantine V’s general to attack the Arab army on the Eastern frontier.
  • 784

    Theodora Patriarch

    In 784 she replaces Constantinoples former Patriarch with Saint Tarasius another Patriarch who was important
  • 787

    Irene of Athens- Eastern Church

    Reunited the Eastern Church
  • 803

    Irene of Athens dies

    Irene of Athens dies in Lesbos (greek island- banished there) in 803 CE
  • 958

    Basil Bulgaroktonos is born

    Basil Bulgaroktonos is born
    Born in 958 CE in Constantinople
  • 976

    Basil II reign

    Basil II ruled from 976 CE to 1025 CE
  • 978

    Zoe Porphyrogentia is born

    Zoe Porphyrogentia is born
    Born in Constantinople in 978 CE
  • 986

    Basil II - Warefare and extended imperial rule

    From 986 until 1014 Basil extended imperial rule in Bulgaria,Mesopotamia, Georgia and Armenia because of the warfare between Byzantium and Bulgaria
  • 986

    Basil II- loss against Samuel

    In August 986 CE he lost against Samuel of Bulgaria in a narrow Bulgarian mountain pass known as Trajan’s Gate making this Basil’s first and worst military expedition wasCE).
  • 1018

    Basil II marches victorious

    Eventually , in 1018 CE Basil marched victorious to Service because bulgar lands were finally incorporatedA into the Byzantine Empire.
  • 1025

    Basil II dies

    Basil II dies in Constantinople in 1025 CE
  • 1028

    Zoe reign

    Zoe ruled from 1028 CE to 1050 CE
  • 1042

    Zoe and Theodora

    Zoe and Theodora
    They are both pronounced co- empresses.
  • 1042

    Zoe and Theodora - charity and public audiences

    Zoe and Theodora make a charity for the poor people and gave public audiences
  • 1050

    Zoe dies

    Zoe dies in Constantinople in 1050 CE