The Crusades of the world

  • Nov 9, 1096

    the 1st crusade

    Those involved: The Holy Roman Empire under the rule of Pope Urban II
    Muslim World. The 1st Crusade was a military expedition into the ‘’Holy Lands’’ that were under the control of the Muslim Empire since the Muslim conquests of the Levant, which is where Isreal, Syria and Jordan are located in today’s world. The primary reason for this Crusade was to respond to a call for help from the Byzantine Emperor Alexios I Komnemos, who was under attack by the Seljuq Turks. During this crusade many pea
  • Jun 9, 1145

    The Second Crusade

    Those involved: Crusaders/Holy Roman Empire
    Muslim World
  • Oct 12, 1187

    Recapture of Jerusalem by Saladin

    By 1187, Saladin was in control of almost every crusader city. His next target was Jerusalem. In the October of 1187, Saladin and his forces began to lay siege to Jerusalem, resulting in Jerusalem being back under Muslim control. However, he still permitted the Jews and people from the western world inside the city
  • Aug 10, 1189

    The third and final crusade

    The 3rd crusade was launched by the European kings in an attempt to recapture the holy lands, but failed.
  • Sep 8, 1302

    Massacre/ Siege of Acre

    Those involved:
    Crusaders/Holy Roman Empire
    Muslim World.
  • May 29, 1453

    Turks take Constantinople

    The turks end thier seige on constantinople and claim it as thiers.
  • Arab Leauge declares Jihad on Isreal

    On the same day Isreal madeitself a country, the Arab leauge declared a Holy War against the Jews and it is still going on today.
  • Battle of Algiers

    Algerian rebels fight the French authority for independence for thier country.
  • Suez Crisis

    War breaksout between Egypt and Isreal when egypt attempts to nationalise the Suez canal.
  • 1st Gulf War

    The US leads a counter-attack to Iraqi forces who have invaded Kuwait.
  • September 11th Attacks

    Terroists hijack planes and crash them into the World Trade Center in lower manhattan, killing thousands and forever scaring the city.
  • Operation Iraqi Freedom

    The US invades Iraq to overthrow the terrioist sponsoring goverment led by Saddam Hussien.