The Chronicle of Raul Torres

  • Born in Denver, CO.

    I was born on April 17th in Denver, CO.
  • Period: to

    Birth to Present

  • Began to Walk and Talk at 9 Months

  • Took my first trip to Mazatlan, Mexico at age 2

  • The youngest of my two sisters had her first daughter when i was 3

  • Mom and oldest sister became U.S. citizens when i was 4

  • My parents bought a new restaurant when i was 5

  • Went to Disneyland for the first time when i was 6

  • Paternal grandfather's youngest brother passed away when i was 7

  • Both of my sisters became pregnant at around the same time and I was 8

  • My moher's father passed away a month before i turned 9

  • First trip to Europe and the Middle East when i Was 9

  • My parents renewed their wedding vows in Cana of Galilee when I was 11

  • Got my first dog when i was 12

  • Went under emergency surgery for appendicitis when I was 13

  • My brother became the last in my family to become a U.S. citizen

  • Turned 15 while in Rome, Italy