The Bastille of events

By KenKao
  • The estates general

    The estates general
    The meeting was called by King Louis. The main purpose was, they wanted to discuss a new tax plan. It was important because It concerned about person's rights.
  • The Tennis court oath

    The Tennis court oath
    The Tennis Court oath was an oath taken by the third estate of France. The oath was significant in that it was the first time French citizens stood in opposition of King Louis XVI, voting "not to separate and to reassemble wherever necessary until the Constitution of the kingdom is established."
  • Dismissed Necker

    Dismissed Necker
    He tried to reform French institutions, and financial issues, as a result the public debt increased dramatically. Finally, no ones trusted him.
  • The storming of Bastille

    The storming of Bastille
    The storming of Bastille represented the fall of the Monarch’s abuse of power, as commoners took hold of Bastilles and its weaponry.
  • Declaration of the Rights of Man

    Declaration of the Rights of Man
    The declaration of the man and of citizens is an important document of the French revolution and pivotal in the history of human and civil rights. It is largely influenced by the ideals of the American Revolution.
  • Women March on Versailles

    Women March on Versailles
    The women’s march on versailles represented a need for social and economical change; The women stormed the palace and demanded reformation in power of the monarchy.