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The 5 Most Important Thing in My LIfe

By monae16
  • The day I left Florida

    The day I left Florida
    audio1I lived in Florida since I was ten!! I was so shocked when my mother told me we were moving to North Carolina. Broke my heart ''(
  • HighSchool Graduation

    HighSchool Graduation
    audio4I was so excited that I graduated. I could not wait to go to college!
  • First year of College!

    First year of College!
    audio2College has open up my eyes to an whole other world!! I have gained alot of knowledge and wisdom here. I am starting to find myslef.
  • My Brothers Graduation

    My Brothers Graduation
    audio4The day my Brother graduated middle school really brought a tear to my eyes... Im getting old!! I love my family '')
  • Colege Graduation!!

    Colege Graduation!!
    audio5The day that I graduate will be the HIGHLIGHT of my life lol. Its been a rough four years but, Im making it!!