Fat alberto

Ten Year Career Timeline

  • Get my first guitar

    Get my first guitar
    My parents buy me my first electric guitar for Christmas. I use it to perform and practice often and cherish it as one of my favorite possesions.
  • Period: to

    My ten year timeline

  • Started Highschool

    Started Highschool
    I started Highschool at Parkside Collegiate Institue, and made many new friends and aquantances.
  • Buy my second guitar.

    Buy my second guitar.
    I bought myself a jazz guiar for $600. I fell in love with the sound and body, and took it home that very day.
  • The Barnscast

    I start a youtube channel with my friends and begin releasing podcasts and funny videos. People think we suck.
  • Another guitar

    Another guitar
    I treat myself for my 16th birthday and buy myself a really nice, expensive guitar.
  • First Job

    First Job
    Start working part-time in my uncles roofing company.
  • Two Year Break

    I take time off between highschool and a post-secondary education to work in a recording studio with mother, helping me gain experience for my career of choice.
  • Buy first car

    Buy first car
    I buy my first car.which will most likely be pre-owned, seeing as I do not plan on spending a ridiculous amount of money on it.
  • Graduation

    I graduate from Parkside Collegiate Institute.

    Starts semester at OIART(Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Tech).
  • Move in with my grandparents while attending OIART

  • Montreal

    I move to Montreal to begin my career as a musician and recording engineer.
  • My first apartment

    Get my own apartment in Montreal, and hang a Toronto Maple Lafs flag off my balcony.
  • Open my own independant recording studio

    I follow my dreams and open up my own recording studio that will be affordable for all musicians.