Technology Timeline

Timeline created by SamanthaJasp
  • Tapes

    My sisters had an Ace of Base cassette tape that I stole and would listen to over and over again.
  • Gameboy Color

    Gameboy Color
    In car entrainment for long road trips
  • My First CD

    My First CD
    N'Sync was Life
  • Walkman CD player

    Walkman CD player
    Praying I don't get any scratches on my CD's
  • Where In The World Is...Carmen San Diego?

    Where In The World Is...Carmen San Diego?
    This was all the rage in 3rd grade! We played this is computers every week.
  • Dial Up Computer

    Dial Up Computer
    It would take forever to get logged on. I would play Tetris and 3D Maze
  • iPod 2nd Generation

    iPod 2nd Generation
    My family bought an iPod for everyone to share.
  • My First Cell Phone

    My First Cell Phone
    Nokia 1100. I played snake on that phone everyday. In order to text you would have to memorize the position of each letter on each key.
  • My First iPod nano

    My First iPod nano
    Playlists on repeat.
  • MacBook Pro

    MacBook Pro
    I got my first MacBook Pro for a graduation present
  • My First iPhone

    My First iPhone
    Apps to simplify and make life more joyful!
  • My First Apple TV

    My First Apple TV