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Technology Through the years

  • I was born!!

    I was born in Loris,SC at the Loris Hospital on the fourth floor at 12:31 in the morning.
  • First use of a computer

    When I entered first grade was the first time I was able to use a computer.
  • I have found the remote

    While on my journies through the house I eventually found our televisions remote control; our families channel surfer had been born!
  • Video Camera

    I still remember when my mother first gave me the chance to use the camcorder our family had to videotape my little brother and sister dancing to music in our living room.
  • Cell phone?

    Cell phone?
    My Dad and Uncle first got their cell phones and the first thing I did was ask them if they had any games on them.
  • Computer at home!!

    My father had a spare computer at his office so he brought it home for us to use.
  • Playstation 2

    Playstation 2
    This was probably one of the best days of my childhood. The PS2 made my child hood really enjoyable.
  • Mp3 what?

    Mp3 what?
    My first music device was a sansa E130. This thing was amazing i finally did not have to bring a cd folder everywhere with me!
  • New Computers

    New Computers
    Our familiy finally upgraded our computer and also got a laptop for everyone to use. They were much faster than our original computer wheich couldn't even play mp3's!
  • This is mine?

    This is mine?
    I was given my very own cell phone during the second half of my freshmen year in high school, and it was a blackberry. This was before the times of the iphone so this was top of the line stuff.
  • Ps3

    The day that I bought my own ps3 was an acompishment in its own. Even though I bought it used it was still over $200.
  • Vizio

    We got our first flat screen television and it was a Vizio 50in plazma!!!
  • Iphone

    My blackberry finally clunked out and my uncle gave me his first generation Iphone.
  • Dell Vostro

    Dell Vostro
    My very own personal computer that I picked out my self and paid for my own.Things that are paid for in full by your self are the best.
  • Ps3 Again

    Ps3 Again
    My first Playstaion 3 YLOD so...
  • My third cell phone

    My third cell phone
    Finally recieved a 4g phone. Samsung Exibit 4g